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Digital solutions about Data

CDG Boosts Data Accuracy

Engineering Firm CDG Boosts Data Accuracy and Reporting with New Era Technology and Microsoft

Global Healthcare

Global Healthcare Non-Profit Uses Data and Analytics to Provide Better Customer Service

Child Services Agency

Child Services Agency Increases Case Compliance Using AWS

State Leverages Analytics

State Leverages Analytics to Improve Quality of Life for Residents

Modern Data Platform

Modern Data Platform POC Transforms how Oil CoOP Looks at Data

New Modern Data Platform

New Modern Data Platform Keeps Annuity Org Competitive

New Wearable Devices

New Wearable Devices: How BioLink Used Emerging Tech to Improve Patient Care

Modern Data Platform

Modern Data Platform Transforms Analytics for Manufacturer

Data & Analytics

Achieving Corporate Agility through Data & Analytics

Strategic Data Management and Analytics

Improving Results through Strategic Data Management and Analytics

SharePoint Intranet Development

Fortune 500 Company Boosts Productivity through SharePoint Intranet Development

Racing the Clock

Racing the Clock: Creating a Coronavirus Data Dashboard to Measure Economic Impact

Customer Experience

Transform the Customer Experience by Focusing on Data

Helping Kids at Risk

Helping Kids at Risk: How a Vision Became a Startup Tech Solution that Reaches Millions

Life-Saving Technology

Life-Saving Technology for Long-Term Care: How Digital Experience in Healthcare Tackled Problems for Vulnerable Patients

Machine Learning

Regional Bank Identifies over $100M in At-Risk Deposits through Machine Learning

Machine Learning to Reduce Multibillion-Dollar

Large Bank Applies Machine Learning to Reduce Multibillion-Dollar Cash Reserves by $40M

Data Management

Data Management in Financial Services: How One Bank Reduced Losses and Boosted ROI

Data Analytics to Stand Out in Market

How One Processor Used Credit Card Data Analytics to Stand Out in Market

Machine Learning

How a Growing Bank Leveraged Machine Learning to Increase Sales Pipeline Predictability


Technology Changes Transform Primary Financial

Machine Learning Predicts

Machine Learning Predicts Outcomes at Primary Financial

McGraw-Hill Adapts

How McGraw-Hill Adapts to Market Demands through Technology

Leveraging Machine Learning

Leveraging Machine Learning to Retain Customers

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