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Workplace Transformation

The Futuristic Pathway for Digital Mature Workplace

Technology advancements, market dynamics, and the need for automated operational processes have made businesses look beyond conventional workplaces. Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced analytics, amongst others, are the new norm in modern workplaces.

Workplace Transformation has become more of an essentiality rather than a choice. The rapid adoption of the remote working model has seen an increased focus on modern communication and collaboration tools. Put together, modern workplaces are fast replacing conventional workplaces, enabling businesses to accelerate their path toward digital transformation.

Microsoft Technologies have a comprehensive set of solutions for Workplace Transformation. Ranging from cloud-based storage models to process automation and from mobile device management to custom Apps, technology has simplified the way workplaces operate. New Era Technology, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, offers a comprehensive set of customized Workplace Transformation solutions that redefine your business operations and drive agility and enhanced productivity.

Backed by our vast experience in Microsoft technologies, our solutions are device agnostic and are accessible anytime and anywhere.

We offer Workplace Transformation Solutions in the below Microsoft Technology platforms:

Microsoft 365 | Intune | SharePoint| Teams | Power Platform | OneDrive| Azure

Workplace Transformation Solutions from New Era

Cloud-based Office Solutions

New Era offers deployment and configuration services with Microsoft 365-a cloud-based version of MS Office. Microsoft 365 offers simplified access and storage and has a vast set of Apps for every business need. It is scalable and comes with different subscription models, giving the much-needed flexibility for your business.

Process Automation

We offer process and workflow automation solutions to digitalize your manual and repetitive processes using Power Automate and the Nintex suite. Automation saves time, operational costs, and resource utilization and improves efficiency and productivity.

Custom Application Development

Our Custom Application Development solutions with PowerApps cater to simple and complex requirements. Apps are customized per your needs and integrate with your existing technology stack.

Document Storage and Intranets

We offer document storage solutions with SharePoint. SharePoint also automates manual workflows and builds custom intranets for your business needs.

Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management solutions using Microsoft Intune secure your business data across company-owned and personal devices. Intune solutions enable usage monitoring with your governance policies, with simplified administration and granting access privileges.


New Era’s Analytics solutions are built on Microsoft Power BI and offer easy connectivity with vast applications and data storage models. Advanced AI, ML, and predictive analytics features ensure you get granular visibility of your operations and make efficient data-driven decisions.

Modern Websites

Power Pages offer rapid design of modern web pages on a low-code model. They help build sites that integrate with data storage applications such as Microsoft Dataverse. Power Pages offer extensive data visualization features and enhanced security for your business data.

Integration with Teams

Make your Microsoft Teams much more than a communication tool with our custom Workplace Transformation solutions that integrate Teams with other applications such as Power Apps, SharePoint, and many more. Our solutions extend the native capabilities of Teams and simplify operations and collaboration.


Intelligent Chatbots

We develop Intelligent Chatbots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. Chatbots are used for a wide range of platforms and functions and save time and manual resources spent on conventional business communication-both from your internal team and external customers.

Azure Solutions

New Era offers a wide range of Azure cloud solutions for migrating from on-prem data storage models and applications to a cloud-based environment. We also develop custom Apps using Azure and solutions for enhanced security and governance to ensure the safety of your business data.

Benefits of Workplace Transformation


Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Workplace Transformation solutions built on Microsoft Technologies simplify real-time communication and collaboration across your workforce. Be it Microsoft Teams or an Intranet, we enable more effortless connectivity.


Mobility Advantage

Our solutions are accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Mobility is a much-needed feature for your remote workforce and comes with any-time and anywhere access.


Optimized Operations

Our Workplace Transformation solutions enable you to discard your legacy operational processes and make way for optimization-which drives streamlined operations with increased productivity.


Savings in Time and Resources

Process Automation in Workplace Transformation replaces your manual processes and helps you divert your manual resources to more critical tasks.


Security and Governance

New Era’s Modern Workplace solutions leverage the extensive security features of the Microsoft platform, such as Data loss prevention, Zero Trust model, amongst others, and allow implementation of custom governance policies.


Flexible and Scalable

Our solutions are flexible, with different subscription models that suit both simple to complex requirements. Capability ensures that the solution supports future enhancements.

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