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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Leverage Generative AI to Overcome Your Toughest Business Challenges

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) transforms how companies operate, generate content, and interact with their audience. This groundbreaking technology utilizes machine learning algorithms to produce text, images, audio, and video that mimic human-like creations, drawing insights from extensive datasets.  

As the landscape of generative AI rapidly evolves, businesses must adapt to seize its potential and maintain competitiveness. New Era Technology poises to navigate this frontier alongside you, integrating generative AI seamlessly into your business strategy. 


Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

The data is clear—artificial intelligence supports, improves, and impacts businesses. Determine how ready your business is with our AI Readiness Quiz.


Increase in Revenue

On average, businesses witness a 6% to 10% revenue surge upon adopting AI (Statista, 2023). 


Adoption Rate

A significant 73% of U.S. companies incorporate AI into their operations (PwC, 2023).  


Boost in Productivity

AI could increase labor productivity by 1.5 percentage points over the next decade (Statista, 2023). 

Tailored AI Solutions

Partner with our seasoned team to unleash generative AI's potential, driving innovation, process optimization, and captivating content creation across diverse domains. Explore our offerings below to chart your AI journey effectively. 

Artificial Intelligence Brochure

Discover how AI changes business capabilities, empowering businesses, consumers, students, and households alike. Learn how New Era facilitates achieving your business objectives through AI capability development and integration of AI-powered technologies into your processes.  

Download the brochure to learn more about how AI can positively impact your business.


AI Implementation

New Era Technology's AI Solutions
  • Proven Success: Demonstrated track record of successful AI implementations across various industries.  
  • Expertise: Deep proficiency in cutting-edge AI technologies like natural language processing and computer vision.  
  • Collaborative Approach: Prioritizing understanding your unique challenges and objectives to deliver tailored solutions.
  • Ethical Commitment: Upholding ethical and responsible AI development and deployment practices.  

Kristin Raikes

Vice President

Amy Brown

Solution Director

Alex Matsukevich

Solution Director

Nathan Gifford

Solution Director

Ben Rondot

Practice Area Manager
UX Design

Travis Moser

Practice Manager
UX Development

Catherine Gillespie

Content Strategy Lead

Brad Wolf

Practice Lead
UX Design

Stephen Ragsdale

Practice Lead
Digital Delivery

Bob Faist

Practice Lead

Faunette Johnston

Practice Lead

Tyler McCord

Practice Lead

Why choose New Era for your AI needs?

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Utilize Data to Conquer Business Challenges
Leverage the power of artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning models to uncover patterns in data, extracting invaluable insights for your organization. With AI and ML-powered predictive analytics, empower your business with real-time predictions that drive substantial impact.

Master Copilot Series

Master Copilot in our Comprehensive Series
Make Copilot your business companion. Learn more about Copilot, its applications, and how it can streamline operations, save costs, and alleviate headaches. Sign up for upcoming webinars or catch up on past sessions.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Explore our AI blogs below to continue your research, and learn more about how AI can support your business.

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