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Technology Changes Transform Primary Financial


When PFC needed a technology strategy for their banking company, they turned to Fusion Alliance as we have partnered together several times and have developed a collaborative approach to fulfilling PFC's vision. Our expertise has lead their company into several initiatives and adopting functionalities that have paid off immensely over the years, and PFC was excited to see how we could help them with this next project.

Our team sat down with PFC and determined their goals, specifically modernizing their platforms and application and transitioning away from their legacy system. More specifically, because PFC manages an investment trading platform, they need to have a reliable platform with access to new products and tools that also complies with strict industry regulations. With objectives and a plan in mind, we quickly got to work. 

Our Goal

Overhaul Existing Systems and Streamline Processes

To provide PFC with a clean slate, we developed a single platform with a more functional web interface to replace the legacy systems. This streamlined and automated numerous manual processes, instantly increasing productivity.


We also helped PFC migrate to the cloud to eliminate on-premises servers, equipment, maintenance, and security while strengthening disaster recovery through cloud redundancy. 

Our Solution


  • Removed expensive, geo-redundant datacenters
  • Enhanced efficiency, scalability, and reliability
  • Created significant process improvements
  • Boosted productivity
  • Enriched client and employee experiences
  • Increased brand confidence
  • Widened market reach

Our Goal

Adding New Product Lines

Our team understood that PFC wanted to expand product lines to increase revenue and better serve their clients. With a modern cloud-native platform, PFC could extend their product offerings easily both at present and in the future. 

Our Solution


  • Update coding
  • Create an extensible framework so PFC could launch new products on their own
  • Implemented Microsoft Power BI's visual analytics for improved reporting
  • Updating security safeguards to protect data

Our Goal

Driving Sales Through Data

PFC wanted to draw more insights, including who does and does not purchase products when interacting with their site and also learn how to improve sales targeting and identify more opportunities to increase sales. 

Our Solution


  • Improve data access with modern data platform
  • Launch machine learning initiative 
  • Tune machine learning model to better pinpoint investors who are more likely to purchase a specific product




"Our clients and employees have a greatly improved experience, and Fusion continues to be an invaluable partner to our company."

(Former) PFC President and CEO, Mark Solomon

Reduced IT Costs by $100,000/year and Increased Sales
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Enabled Informed Decision-making Through Power BI

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