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Process Automation

Driving Innovative Excellence in Business Operations

Emerging business needs in the current times require an agile and futuristic technology stack to sustain and thrive amidst fast-paced market dynamics. Businesses can no longer rely on manual and repetitive processes prone to inefficiencies. The impact is felt across the entire operational lifecycle and causes cost surges and lowered quality, productivity, and profitability, all affecting the brand image.

The solution lies in Process Automation, which enables the automation of manual, repetitive, and cyclic operational processes. Automation frees up your manual resources to be engaged in more strategic tasks. Process Automation also substantially saves time and costs, reduces errors and inconsistencies, and streamlines your entire operations.

What’s required is a reliable and experienced technology partner to automate your operational processes, and that’s where we at New Era Technology are here to help.

New Era understands that Process Automation is imperative for your sustenance and future growth. Our Process Automation solutions perfectly align with your business needs and give you a cost and value-driven advantage.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple competencies and have decades of experience providing custom solutions for diverse business requirements across various industry verticals. Our expertise in Process Automation includes Power Automate and the Nintex suite.

Power Automate

Power Automate is a part of the Power Platform suite, and enables the creation of a wide range of automation solutions. The suite provides an easy drag-and-drop builder, along with thousands of templates for automating business processes. Power Automate is easy to connect to a wide range of applications and data sources with hundreds of connectors, making it a viable tool for integrating with your existing technology stack.

It has extensive process and task mining capabilities, with a Process Advisor that provides guided recommendations for creating automated flows. Built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilities with the AI Builder enable the creation of intelligent and intuitive automated flows Power Automate is accessible across any device, and also integrates with Microsoft Teams for greater collaboration. New Era’s Process Automation solutions save costs and manual resources, and accelerate your path towards digital transformation.

Nintex Suite

Nintex is a leader in workflow automation and provides a vast set of features that enable intelligent automation for both simple and complex workflows. It comes with a Workflow Designer that allows easy and faster creation of automated workflows with minimal technical skills. The suite offers end-to-end automation with built-in connectors that integrate with vast applications and data sources, such as ERP and CRM systems. Forms Designer makes automation simpler with an easy-to-use interface and many customization options.

The Nintex platform makes automated solutions accessible anytime and anywhere, giving mobility advantages to users. Advanced analytic capabilities ensure micro-level visibility across the entire automated sequences, making way for optimizing current automation capabilities. It facilitates the development of Apps hosted on the cloud. Nintex integrates with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and other applications, making it extensible. The cloud-based version-Nintex Workflow Cloud helps your build and run your automation sequences in the cloud, bringing in the much-needed security for your business data.

Here’s what Process Automation can do for your Business


Reduced Manual Intervention

Run efficient automated processes without manual resources, paving the way for optimal resource allocation.


Savings in Costs
and Time

Automated processes save on costs and time of execution when compared to being done manually.


Error-free Processes

Automated processes reduce the scope of errors and give accurate output.


Consistency and Standardization

Automation runs on a pre-defined logic, enabling a consistent flow by standardizing the execution and ensuring compliance with regulatory norms.


Analytic Insights

Get greater visibility on the performance of your automated processes, giving scope for refining them to drive increased value.


Scalability and Flexibility

Be it a simple task, or a complex sequence, process automation handles them all with scalable and flexible solutions.


Process Optimization

Automation makes way for process optimization, as you can simplify the events, actions, and triggers for a specific process.


Savings in Hiring and Training Costs

Process Automation does away with the tedious cycle of hiring and training manual resources, saving you cost and efforts.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions

Robotic Process Automation is an advanced approach to process automation. It uses modern technologies, such as AI, ML, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to read and interpret human-readable data and use it to perform pre-defined actions and workflows. Bots built on RPA work across all platforms and device types.

Typical scenarios include data extraction from forms, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other data formats, which trigger a preset action by the RPA Bot. RPA is especially useful in data and labor-intensive tasks where the emulation of human behavior is required.

Our Process Automation solutions drive agility in your business operations and are reliable, secure, and extensible. New Era’s vast experience in providing custom Process Automation solutions gives you the perfect advantage to accelerate your path towards digital transformation.

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