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Cloud Strategy Consulting

Find the Right Path Forward with Cloud Strategy Consulting

Adopting cloud technology offers a wide variety of benefits for your business, but the key to this success lies in building a clear strategy that is tailored to solve your existing challenges and ensure you reach your goals. Creating a cloud strategy can be challenging as technology is continually evolving, and the path forward may seem tenuous. With cloud strategy consulting from New Era, we cut through complexities and provide clarity, helping you find the right solution for your organization.

We have an experienced team who is well-versed in cloud-native, cloud-first, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud strategies to help you build a data-driven culture that improves efficiency, empowers your employees, and offers the flexibility you need to shift and scale as your business grows.

Our teams include:

  • Technology experts
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • Software testers
  • Integration specialists
  • Business analysts
  • App developers
  • Cloud-native developers

Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

FusionEra_Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy & Transformation

Identifying the right technologies and having a clear implementation plan will set your business up for success. Our team helps you create a holistic cloud strategy that aligns your goals with IT realities. We also work closely with you to empower your team to leverage the cloud to grow and transform your business.

Projects may include:

  • Technology assessment
  • Vision, process, and goal alignment
  • Strategy development
  • Roadmap development
FusionEra_Cloud Infrastructure

Modern Cloud Architecture

When shifting to modern cloud architecture, the result should be stable and scalable to support your business’s applications and operations. We help you standardize, organize, and modernize your existing architecture and applications so your IT infrastructure meets your goals and supports your growth.

Projects may include:

  • Technology assessment
  • Architecture design
  • Application modernization planning
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Cloud Workload & Migration

Shifting your data and business applications from on-premise or co-located hardware to the cloud requires an in-depth understanding of your existing IT workloads. We work with you to build that understanding and help you modify, enhance, and migrate your applications to the cloud taking care to choose the right path, whether this is workload migration or cloud workload transformation. Our team strives to streamline and optimize your workloads for maximum efficiency, scalability, and performance.

Projects may include:

  • Workload mapping
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Workload optimization
  • Roadmap development
  • Application migration
  • Cloud workload implementation

Cloud Economics

Identifying and implementing the technical elements of transitioning to the cloud are only a part of the overall strategy. Our team also works with you to overcome organizational, operational, governance, and security challenges to help you realize the possibilities of cloud technologies across your business. We go beyond establishing frameworks and architectures to assist you with creating policies and practices to expand your cloud capabilities and maximize your return on investment.

Projects may include:

  • Cloud optimization
  • Change management
  • Governance framework development
  • Risk reduction
  • Regulatory and compliance consulting

Is Your Company Cloud-Ready?

Whether your business is exploring cloud technology or you’re considering opportunities to expand your existing footprint effectively, New Era can help you gain a clear picture of how your current infrastructure, development practices, governance, and security status align with your goals. Using this insight, our team will help you build an actionable roadmap so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.


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