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API Consulting

Integrate your Solutions to Boost Efficiency and Speed to Market

Managing multiple applications across platforms can lead to process silos and compromised user experience and data security. Drawing on expertise in public APIs and custom API development services, our team helps you create and manage a robust, comprehensive API strategy. Accelerate enterprise-wide integration with API consulting and management services that deliver reliable, scalable, maintainable results.

Our teams include:

  • Technology experts 
  • API strategists 
  • Cloud modernization specialists 
  • Cloud developers
  • API consultants
  • Enterprise architects
  • Technical writers
  • Application testers

API Development Services


API Strategy & Design

We design application programming interfaces (APIs) for client-facing or server-side connections between open-source or proprietary solutions, helping to amplify and extend the utility of your technology.

Projects may include:

  • Business analysis
  • Process evaluation
  • Technology assessment
  • API strategy
  • API design

API Development & Deployment

We develop and deploy secure, scalable APIs that anticipate future business needs. Designed to accommodate shifting capacity demands and prioritize secure pathways, our customized API solutions ensure strong performance.

Projects may include:

  • API development
  • IT security
  • Technology integration
  • API implementation

API Marketplace Implementation

We help you create a portal that uses your API structure to bring software to market faster by breaking down development silos and establishing standards of governance for API use and modification.

Projects may include: 

  • API consulting
  • Solution development
  • API governance

Enterprise Application Integration

We identify the right enterprise integration pattern to ensure that your data is used and updated across your databases, applications, and workflows, boosting your efficiency.

Projects may include:

  • Data discovery
  • Data flow documentation
  • Tool identification & implementation
  • Process automation
  • Ongoing development
FusionEra_Project Management

API Management & Monitoring

Our team maintains your APIs and monitors them for any potential security errors or incidents. API management can include future expansion to scale or the addition of new requirements and protocols.

Projects may include:

  • API consulting
  • Security monitoring
  • API oversight
  • API testing
  • API services

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