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SAP Consulting Services

Embarking on a Digital Transformation journey involves overhauling your technology stack and integrating modern, future-ready solutions. Enterprises can no longer thrive with isolated and fragmented applications; instead, they need unified and comprehensive technology platforms like SAP’s extensive range of customizable applications.

If outdated technology platforms hinder your growth, now is the time to act. Embrace innovation to enhance your digital maturity and stay competitive. Read on to learn about our expertise across the full spectrum of SAP solutions and discover how we can transform your business operations.

New Era Technology, an SAP Solutions Partner, brings extensive experience in envisioning, developing, and deploying custom SAP solutions, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) has a team of over 500 skilled SAP practitioners adept at using proven methodologies, tools, and accelerators to configure SAP solutions tailored to your diverse business needs.


Our SAP Service Offerings

New Era Technology, a SAP Solutions Partner, has vast experience envisioning, developing, and deploying custom SAP solutions on-prem or on the cloud. We have a dedicated SAP Center-of-Excellence (CoE), which includes a dedicated team of 500+ SAP practitioners with rich experience working with proven methodologies, tools, and accelerators for configuring SAP solutions for your diverse business requirements.

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New Era’s SAP Solutions

Consulting Services

SAP Consulting Services

Whether you’re new to SAP or looking to enhance your SAP landscape, our SAP Consulting services in the UAE are designed to help you. Our expert team of SAP practitioners will analyse your current technology environment, identify areas for improvement, and develop a strategy that aligns with your business goals.

New Era’s SAP Consulting services enable you to realize the tangible benefits of SAP’s vast solutions, driving efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and scalability. Our consulting engagements often lead to long-term collaborations with clients across various industries, providing a cost- and value-driven advantage from the strategy and assessment phase to post-implementation training and support with our Hypercare solution.

Upgrade Solutions

SAP Upgrade Solutions

Upgrading your existing SAP suite to the latest version is essential to fully leverage new features and functionalities. For instance, upgrades such as the SAP S/4HANA 1809 version, which required updating before the End-of-Mainstream-Maintenance (EOMM) support ended on December 31, 2023, are critical. Cloud-based versions like S/4HANA Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors also necessitate at least one of the two annual upgrades.

New Era offers dedicated SAP upgrade solutions in the UAE with flexible packages tailored to individual requirements. Our Basic, Comprehensive, and Transitive packages adhere to the “Keep Environment Current (KEC)” policies, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest upgrades. We minimize business disruption through meticulous planning, execution strategies, and regression testing.

Migration Solutions

SAP Migration Solutions

Our SAP Migration solutions facilitate moving your on-premises technology stack and infrastructure to a new on-premises environment or a hyperscaler of your choice, such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Azure. From Cloud Readiness and Assessment to migration, we offer options including hybrid cloud environments and GRC Security Advisory and Implementation. Our seamless SAP cloud migration solutions ensure minimal disruption to business operations.

A notable achievement for New Era was migrating a 3-layer architecture with 37 company codes from a hosted DC model to the Azure cloud in less than 80 days during the 2022 pandemic. This feat showcased our team’s exceptional functional and technical expertise.

Intelligent Application Managed Services

SAP Intelligent Application Managed Services (iAMS)

Enterprises utilizing the SAP platform require extensive support and maintenance to maximize benefits, ensure security, implement enhancements, and handle troubleshooting. In-house technical teams often cannot fully meet these demands, necessitating the support of a third-party service provider. New Era offers a wide range of flexible SAP Application Managed Services (AMS) that serve as an extended team of skilled resources.

Our AMS offerings are designed to be flexible and scalable, aligning seamlessly with your business requirements. We provide support models, including onsite, offsite, hybrid, on-call, and remote support, to comprehensively address your technology needs.

Our skilled resources are a natural extension of your in-house team, bringing extensive experience in delivering support services. This approach benefits you from lower costs than sourcing, hiring, and training in-house resources while ensuring that competent SAP practitioners handle your support, maintenance, feature additions, and troubleshooting needs—transformation with tailored SAP solutions that enhance your business operations and drive growth.

If you want to start afresh with SAP solutions or enhance your existing SAP landscape, contact us for more information; we will be glad to help.

Key Partnerships

New Era partners with a variety of leading technology vendors and creators to ensure that our digital consulting services focus on connecting you with the tools and technology that will help you scale your business and provide the greatest ROI. Depending on your business’s goals and challenges, our team of consulting experts may recommend building a customized solution, tailoring an existing platform, or incorporating  an off-the-shelf product into your existing architecture. 

We are committed to staying at the forefront of SAP S/4HANA, and in doing so, our team brings unique expertise across many common platforms to connect you with the right SAP consulting services and resources. In the SAP space, our key partnerships include: 

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