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AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Put Data to work Against your Greatest Business Challenges

Surface patterns in big data and mine your own information for insights by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Using AI and ML-powered predictive analytics, you’ll empower your organization with real-time predictions that drive large-scale business impact.

Our AI and machine learning consulting teams identify the right frameworks, models, and data sets to help you use data and technology to acquire new business, predict customer behaviors, determine the best candidates for cross-selling, accurately forecast risk, and gain a competitive edge.

Our teams include:

  • Advanced analytics architects
  • Data scientists
  • DevOps/ML pipeline experts
  • Data & integration engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
  • AI solution engineers

Machine Learning Consulting


Machine Learning Strategy & Roadmap

We evaluate your current business environment, existing investments, and skillsets to help you understand, plan, and drive ROI for advanced analytics across the entire ML lifecycle.

Projects may include: 

  • Use case & ROI analysis
  • Platform & vendor selection
  • Reference architecture & dependency engineering
  • Blueprint development

Model Development POC

Explore machine learning with a low-cost, high-value entry point. We’ll help you identify a relevant use case, develop a proof of concept, source and pre-process your data, engineer a model, and deploy it in real time. 

Projects may include:

  • Workshop facilitation 
  • Business analysis 
  • Data discovery 
  • ML modeling 
  • Data engineering 
  • POC design & implementation

Model Selection & Tuning

You need to identify the right machine learning platforms and algorithms to drive predictive analytics. We’ll explore your data and expand, tune, or optimize your existing machine learning models, including MLaaS models in AWS and Azure.

Projects may include:

  • Business analysis
  • Data discovery & engineering
  • Platform selection
  • ML modeling
  • ML optimization
FusionEra_Process – Deploy

Model Deployment

Our machine learning consulting teams embed your AI and ML models in new or existing platforms to push your results to the transaction level – ensuring that your machine learning solutions help your company rapidly achieve insights.

Projects may include:

  • ML DevOps
  • MLOps Pipelines
  • Integration development
  • Application integration of ML insights across web, mobile, & other platforms

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