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Improving Results through Strategic Data Management and Analytics


The ability to analyze valuable, relevant data quickly offers merchants, retailers, and service providers new insight into consumer behavior and opportunities for personalized experiences. A Fortune 500 card services provider served 135 individual private-label credit card merchants and needed a way to optimize how it retrieves and analyzes data for them so they could provide customized loyalty marketing services.

However, leveraging their data for loyalty marketing was a challenge they didn't have the tools to meet. Their existing data management and analytics platform supported marketing and financial analytics, but they recognized a need to optimize these systems to align with their expanding opportunities for growth. The card services provider turned to Fusion Alliance for help in developing a strategic data management and analytics strategy as well as a roadmap to guide their optimization journey. 


When we started the collaboration with the card services provider, their partners included 135 different merchants with private-label credit cards. For each merchant, the company provided reports and analytics based on specific, unique requirements and needed a data management strategy for their current resources while maintaining the level of customization their clients were used to while growing their brand-partner portfolio. 

To better understand their specific challenges and determine and implement the best possible solution, we completed a comprehensive evaluation to determine current business needs, requirements, and market opportunities. We also assessed the technical landscape and reviewed the client’s current strategic plan and collaborated with them to create a more effective data management and analytics strategy with a multi-year roadmap for implementation.

With the full support of our client’s executive committee, Fusion began solution delivery, starting with creating an Enterprise Data Governance Council  to oversee the data management and analytics Program.  Fusion applied our comprehensive, proprietary Catalyst Strategic Data Management framework to accelerate the process which allowed us to complete the strategy and roadmap on a fast-paced schedule. This ensured our client could more effectively guide development efforts needed to deliver analytic enablement in support of business objectives.

After working with Fusion Alliance, the client gained a roadmap that outlined areas for improvement and strategies that would enable the company to offer more individualized services, including loyalty management to merchants while reaching additional clients. The end result was a strategic data management and analytics strategy that would build out a better future.


Accelerated path to business growth

With full buy-in from the executive team, our deep knowledge and experience with data management, and a jumpstart methodology utilizing established playbooks and process guides, our client was positioned to meet their objectives. With a more efficient data management and analytics process in place, they could continue to provide customized data while expanding their loyalty marketing solutions.

FusionEra_Service – Data
Established a governance council that oversees the strategic data management and analytics portfolio
Streamlined process to enable customized analytics solutions to drive greater value for merchant brand partners
Speedy delivery of solution due to utilizing Fusion's Catalyst Strategic Data Management Framework

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