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Process Optimization, Automation & Analytics

The ever-changing market dynamics require businesses to constantly monitor and refine their operational processes as they move towards digital transformation. Transformation of business processes requires a proactive approach rather than a reactive path which impacts operations before being remediated. It takes a unified suite to enable process monitoring, optimizing, and automation, and that’s where SAP Signavio solutions from New Era Technology come into place. Signavio helps you drive strategic changes and remodel your entire operations and customer experience, giving you the advantage of process optimization and automation driven by built-in real-time analytics.

New Era's Approach to SAP Signavio Solutions

New Era’s well-defined strategy for business process transformation through SAP Signavio involves the below key elements, which are associated with individual applications of the suite. We ensure that your requirements align with our solution offering and follow a sequential roadmap given below. 

Analyze and Monitor

This stage analyzes the current stage of the business processes and their performance with the SAP Signavio Process Insights application. The in-depth analysis involves identifying real-time overviews, PPI (Process Performance Indicators), KPIs, the need for standardization and harmonization, high-priority optimizations, innovation recommendations, and the best practices to use. In addition, the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence application analyzes SAP and non-SAP data with its deep mining capabilities, which are beyond what conventional data mining applications uncover. Put together, you have your process loopholes and areas of improvement identified and ready for correction in the next stage.

Design and Simulate

The design and simulation stage uses the SAP Signavio Process Manager to make corrections and improvements to the identified processes and simulate the enhanced process workflow. SAP Signavio also emphasizes the entire customer experience lifecycle with Signavio Journey Modeler. It gives an outside view of the customer’s journey across the buying cycle, enabling you to improve and innovate.

Rollout and Enhance

The final stage marks the implementation of the optimized business processes, with the Signavio Process Governance Application enabling you to manage and govern the rollout per your business model. In addition, the application offers process automation capabilities along with SAP Process Automation, enabling you to automate repetitive manual tasks. Automation gives you the benefit of savings in costs and engaging manual resources. Signavio Process Governance integrates with many cloud-based applications such as Salesforce and Google Drive, making automation accessible with your diverse data sources and applications.

The Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

The Signavio Process Collaboration Hub facilitates easy collaboration between your users and stakeholders. The application helps monitor projects and process content, sharing updates and notifications, and provides a collaborative workspace where your users can work together to identify areas of improvement and the way to implement changes.


Why Choose New Era Technology

New Era is an SAP Solutions Partner with vast experience in providing custom SAP solutions across diverse industry verticals and business requirements. Our team of SAP Signavio experts has extensive experience in strategizing and executing a custom business process transformation rollout for your specific needs. New Era’s Signavio solutions drive agility, enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and bring transformative outcomes to your business processes. Our Signavio solutions focus on business process transformation and customer experience, giving you an end-to-end advantage in improving your business operations. We also offer a change management strategy and implementation to ensure your workforce aligns with the required adaptability.

Key Benefits


Unified Suite

SAP Signavio does away with legacy and disparate applications and provides a unified platform for your business process optimization requirements.


Cost and Resource Utilization

Optimized processes help achieve more accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. Automation does away with manual resource allocation.


Integration Capabilities

SAP Siganvio’s vast integration capabilities across SAP and non-SAP platforms enable seamless synergy with your existing technology stack.


Better Customer Experience

The suite helps you remodel and enhance the entire journey of your customer engagement, leading to better revenues and improved customer experience.

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