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Global Healthcare Non-Profit Uses Data and Analytics to Provide Better Customer Service



This global, nonprofit healthcare organization connects public healthcare programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, and the Marketplace, to underserved and vulnerable populations. Due to the nature of their business, they need accurate, readily available information. The organization began a vital initiative develop more mature business practices that would give them better access to their data and extract valuable insights.

To meet this goal, they implemented a data supply chain strategy that gathered data from hundreds of source systems and built a Hadoop data lake to serve their data warehouse and analytical requirements. However, the implementation fell short of meeting their goals as data delivery to the organization and the plan itself were sluggish and failed to meet quality expectations. 

They still needed a data supply chain delivery model that would accelerate access to high-quality data to their business users, meet regulatory requirements for the healthcare industry, and create a data governance model for alignment with the different departments. They reached out to New Era Technology to assist in creating a data solution that would ensure the quality and timeliness of their data and subsequent analytics. 


Our first step was to complete a current state assessment that collectively addressed all aspects of their data supply chain strategy. We identified opportunities to address each challenge and provided prioritized recommendations for execution through this assessment.

These recommendations included:

  • Establishing a scaled agile program management office
  • Optimizing the delivery, data quality, and metadata processes under an Agile framework
  • Leveraging data integration technologies to maximize delivery
  • Realigning the data architecture

We outlined these recommendations in a roadmap that established the program operating model and realigned their architecture to create the foundation for confirmed delivery.

After developing a data lake in Hadoop that collects all data from a source to support diverse use cases, we developed an enterprise metadata strategy. In this strategy, all the data is accompanied by the many forms of metadata that better serve business stakeholders and technical users. Looking beyond their initial needs for BI and analytics, the solution also supports more diverse use cases, including PHI, security, and compliance, with proper data quality throughout the data flow.


The strategic data management roadmap empowered our client to understand their data management needs and how to implement changes incrementally to achieve success.

Although important across all industries, healthcare organizations have a specific need for data governance. Their models and implementations must be strategic and executed well to remain compliant with countless industry regulations and maintain patient privacy and data security. By aligning their data strategy and governance model, this client can ensure that their data is usable, accurate, and protected.

Prioritized Data Roadmap for Executing an Improved Data Strategy
Increased Data Governance and Compliance with Regulatory Agencies
Improved Data and Analytics with Quality Data to Better Serve Clients

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