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Emerging Technology Services

Prepare for the Future with the Latest Ideas and Applications

Making strategic investments in the leading-edge technologies driving modern innovation can help you understand your customers, streamline your operations, and optimize your business for the future. But it’s not enough to chase the latest thing. Our approach to emerging technology services starts with defining a business problem, and then determining the best way to use breakthroughs like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation to solve it.

Our teams include:

  • Technology strategists
  • Artificial intelligence specialists
  • Machine learning developers
  • Deep learning experts
  • Data scientists
  • Cloud experts
  • VR/AR/XR developers
  • IoT & wearables developers
  • Business analysts
  • Analytics experts

Emerging Technology Services


Intelligent Automation Consulting

We help you evaluate your business processes for opportunities to improve speed to market, reduce risk, and streamline operations through intelligent automation at scale. Accelerate your digital transformation and enhance customer experience with innovative applications of emerging technologies.

Projects may include:

  • Process evaluation
  • Technology assessment
  • Vision, process, and goal alignment
  • Strategy development
  • Center of Excellence implementation
  • AI, ML, and RPA implementation

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & Artificial Intelligence

We help you surface patterns in big data and make predictions in real time about your customers’ behavior using cutting-edge models and algorithms. Our ML, DL, and AI solutions delight customers with personalized experiences that strengthen your brand and give you a competitive edge. Learn more about our AI, ML, and DL services.

Projects may include:

  • Advanced analytics strategy
  • Blueprint development
  • Model selection, customization, & optimization
  • ML pipelines & integration
  • Predictive analytics & forecasting

IoT & Wearables

We help you create, optimize, and secure IoT and wearable applications that provide users with high-impact data and meaningful connectivity. Our expertise includes Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, and WiFi interactivity.

Projects may include:

  • Technology strategy
  • UX design
  • Solution design
  • Companion app development
  • Device integration
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Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Extended Reality (XR)

Our team gives your organization insight into opportunities to increase customer engagement through virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality solutions that make sense for your business.

Projects may include:

  • Technology consulting
  • VR/AR/XR design
  • Solution development
  • Integration & implementation

Actionable insights in 6-8 weeks 

Why wait months to see machine learning results? During your Machine Learning Jumpstart, we’ll consider a key business problem, assess your data, and build a machine learning model that delivers answers fast. 

Machine Learning Jumpstart

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