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Strategic Data Management Consulting

Accelerate the Value of Data Across your Organization

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing, digital-first world, successful companies use data to drive decisions at every level across the business. But leveraging data as an asset comes with organizational, functional, and technical challenges. We help you develop a pragmatic data roadmap and get the alignment you need across the business to drive organizational change around data.

New Era's strategic data management teams include:

  • Data strategists
  • Data governance specialists
  • Data analysts
  • Data stewardship specialists
  • Enterprise data architects
  • Data facilitation experts
  • Metadata & master data management experts

Strategic Data Management Consulting Services


Power Alignment Facilitation

Align leaders across your organization to a common goal and create the starting point for an effective data program using our immersive experience.

Projects may include:

  • Use case definition
  • Vision, process, and goal alignment
  • Data initiative alignment & prioritization
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Data Maturity Assessment

We work with key stakeholders in IT and the business to understand your organization’s current maturity level across seven critical domains of data management and establish goals to target maturity that aligns with your initiatives.

Projects may include:

  • Collaborative workshop
  • Strategic business initiative & objectives inventory
  • Current state maturity assessment
  • Future state maturity targets

Data Strategy & Roadmap

Develop an enterprise-wide or iterative data strategy and roadmap that aligns your data investment with broader business goals and works across people, processes, and technology to achieve the outcomes of an effective data program.

Projects may include:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Program charter definition
  • Facilitated workshop for strategy alignment
  • Data strategy
  • Roadmap development

Data Governance

Accelerate your strategic data management efforts with a strong commitment to shared ethics. Establish an enterprise governance policy around how your information is collected, used, and stored.

Projects may include:

  • Executive ownership & engagement
  • Governance operating model definition
  • Data policy development

Data Stewardship

Implement a data stewardship framework that establishes accountability and ownership of critical data assets and promotes a culture of actively managing data for quality, trust, and compliance.

Projects may include:

  • Data quality framework development
  • Data remediation & change management strategies
  • Data literacy education

Data Quality Enablement

Profile, discover, remediate, and monitor data quality within your data platforms. Using different technologies and approaches, our teams help you build an effective data quality framework that supports governance and stewardship as well as BI & analytics.

Projects may include:

  • Data analysis
  • Data profiling strategies & implementation

Data Catalog & Metadata

Our team helps you rationalize and select the right architecture and platforms to support the diverse value proposition of metadata in the modern data ecosystem. We then help you stand up and configure your metadata solution.

Projects may include:

  • Tool rationalization
  • Metadata strategy
  • Technology proof-of-concept
  • Solution instantiation

Customer Data Strategy

Your customer data strategy impacts your ability to build trust and deliver personalized experiences. We help you use technology to bring together the multiple facets of customer data and deliver it to support the broad set of use cases for sales, marketing, customer engagement, and customer experience.

Projects may include:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Current state assessment
  • Future state architecture & recommendations
  • Tool rationalization
  • Roadmap development

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Examine your business across the seven domains of data and analytics maturity, identify gaps, and begin to strengthen your data culture. Our proprietary Catalyst Strategic Data Management & Analytics (SDM&A) framework moves your business forward while enabling maximum value from your data.


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