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Fortune 500 Company Boosts Productivity through SharePoint Intranet Development



A Fortune 500 company that provided credit card services and loyalty and marketing solutions  to over 100 merchants and retailers wanted to design a virtual workspace and improve internal communications for its 8,000 employees using an intranet site. The company envisioned a user-friendly intranet site that would support efficient and secure workflows and facilitate collaboration, but the resulting site fell short of their vision.

While intranet sites should help companies share information and improve communications, the reality is that many sites don't deliver the needed results and become a disorganized mess and a navigational nightmare due to a lack of governance. The card services company's employees found their site difficult to navigate while administrative tasks were sluggish, leading to declining productivity. Having invested in an intranet that was not sufficiently meeting their employees' workload demands, the organization asked New Era Technology Alliance to build a site that was reliable, secure, and functional for the company. 



The client wanted to build three different site templates, one for teams, projects, and pages. New Era Technology looked at their clients objectives, and the challenges that were standing in the way of meeting the objective, and stepped into the picture with a plan in place.

First, our team inventoried content in the existing SharePoint site to distinguish current usage patterns and ensure the new templates would accommodate these patterns. We also conducted numerous stakeholder interviews to identify key content items necessary for the redesign.

Using Agile and a proprietary project-management methodology called SureSolve, our team designed a new site for each of the templates and created a branded master page consistent with the organization’s style standards. Each site was specifically created to adapt, scale, and evolve with the changing demands of  the employees, business, and industry.

Finally, we designed and launched multiple elements to streamline workflows and facilitate efficient document and project management, including:
  • My Documents Web Part
  • Governance plan
  • Content guide
  • Comprehensive site map
  • Information architecture
We implemented the SharePoint intranet development following Microsoft best practices, taking care to ensure that those customizations didn't hamper the client's ability to upgrade SharePoint or move to SharePoint Online in the future. 



Streamlined Workflows and Improved Efficiency

The SharePoint intranet development project was a success for our client. With a secure, reliable site that was designed with employee functionality and responsiveness in mind, productivity increased and collaboration improved. 

Increased User Productivity
Streamlined Workflow Processes and Document Management
Enhanced User Communication and Collaboration

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