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Articles about Data

Data Observability

The Latest Innovation in Data Quality - Data Observability

Mar 22, 2024

Develop Predictive Models

Wish You Could Call Miss Cleo to See the Future?

Feb 20, 2023

Develop Predictive Models

Who Is Your New Technology Benefitting?

Feb 1, 2023

data mesh

Are modern data solutions on your gratitude list?

Nov 30, 2022

modern data platform

5 Imperatives of a modern data platform

Nov 21, 2022

data virtualization

Is data virtualization the future of data integration and management?

Nov 17, 2022

Data fabric vs data mesh

Data fabric vs data mesh: Choosing the best data architecture for your organization

Nov 14, 2022

data cereal or soup

Is your data cereal or soup?

Oct 12, 2022

logical data fabric

Accelerating time to value by implementing logical data fabric

Oct 12, 2022

Building GA4 custom reports

Building GA4 custom reports (you’re going to need them)

Sep 29, 2022

Customer IQ

Customer IQ: The new imperative

Sep 22, 2022

data virtualization use cases

Top 3 data virtualization use cases

Aug 17, 2022

Impact for our most vulnerable

Wearables are changing healthcare: Impact for our most vulnerable

Aug 15, 2022

finance and banking

Accelerating digital transformation in finance and banking

Aug 11, 2022

data virtualization the droid

Is data virtualization the droid you've been looking for?

Jul 11, 2022

Digital transformation in healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare: Improving patient experience, care, and outcomes

Jun 13, 2022

data virtualization and data fabric

Speed to value delivery: Optimizing with data virtualization and data fabric

Jun 6, 2022

skillset supply chain

Reimagining the skillset supply chain

Jun 2, 2022

data management

Level up your data management

May 31, 2022

 data democratization

What is data democratization, and how do we manage it responsibly? 

May 23, 2022


How to put AI to work for your business

May 20, 2022

develop data

How to develop data as an asset

May 19, 2022


How to choose a CDP

May 13, 2022

data privacy compliance

Customer data privacy compliance

Apr 29, 2022


CDP vs DMP: How to choose the right solution for your business

Apr 28, 2022

ustomer data strategy

How a customer data strategy comes to life

Apr 27, 2022

first-party data strategy

How do I get customers to give me their data? Three trust-building steps toward a first-party data strategy 

Apr 26, 2022


CDP vs CRM: 5 key questions to inform your decision 

Apr 22, 2022

Food for thought

Fuse Highlights: Food for thought

Apr 20, 2022

Data literacy

Data literacy on toast

Mar 15, 2022

Catalyst SDM&A

Catalyst SDM&A: How to make your data deliver

Mar 11, 2022

customer data strategies

The call to create first-party customer data strategies

Mar 9, 2022

cookieless future

Success in a cookieless future: What’s next?

Feb 10, 2022

data community and elevating the CDO

Data executives empowered: The importance of the data community and elevating the CDO

Jul 22, 2021


Jumpstart your business processes: Using hyperautomation to achieve speed and scale

Jul 20, 2021


Wearables and mobile machine learning change the face of healthcare

Jul 8, 2021

How to maximize ROI

Data and analytics in the modern world: How to maximize ROI

Jul 7, 2021

digital transformation

Using data to drive digital transformation

Jul 6, 2021

customer relationship

What’s next for banks? Reimagining the customer relationship with machine learning

Jun 16, 2021

big data technologies

The rise of big data technologies and why it matters

Mar 24, 2021

Digital transformation

Digital transformation: Our predictions for 2021 and beyond

Mar 16, 2021

digital transformation

Driving digital transformation forward

Mar 1, 2021

power of machine learning

4 ways banks can leverage the power of machine learning

Jan 19, 2021

Unlock customer

Unlock customer credit insights with machine learning

Sep 19, 2020

Conversational marketing

The future of retail: Conversational marketing and machine learning

Sep 8, 2020

data management

A winning data management and analytics strategy

Sep 8, 2020

planning your big data strategy

6 steps for planning your big data strategy

Sep 7, 2020

calculate the cost of a big data

How to calculate the cost of a big data strategy

Sep 4, 2020

case for agile and self-service BI

The case for agile and self-service BI

Sep 4, 2020

approach to data science

A measured approach to data science

Sep 3, 2020

digital analytics

Align digital analytics with your business strategy

Sep 2, 2020

digital analytics capabilities

How to build your digital analytics capabilities

Sep 2, 2020

data privacy enforcement

CCPA data privacy enforcement has begun: Use our checklist and plan to make sure you’re compliant

Sep 1, 2020

machine learning

How your bank can use machine learning to ensure future success

Aug 28, 2020

retention strategies

Customer retention strategies for banks: 5 tips for keeping the wealth in your institution

Aug 25, 2020

Top 3 reasons to invest in machine learning for mobile

Aug 24, 2020

SEO measurement

SEO measurement: Beyond the rankings

Aug 13, 2020

artificial intelligence

The buzz about artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning: An overview

Aug 13, 2020

machine learning in banking

3 New Era Technology experts share their secrets for machine learning in banking

Jul 22, 2020

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