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Who Is Your New Technology Benefitting?

Predictive models tell you more than any tarot reading 

There’s a rapidly growing space in tech that doesn’t have a name, but you know it when you see it. We call it “Tech nobody asked for.”  

Tech nobody asked for is typically modern technology, such as a mobile app, device, or software that doesn’t solve a problem or improve an experience. Often, it creates additional steps or complications.  

Here are a few examples:  

  • Internet-connected hairbrush to “listen” to hair and recommend products 
  • Bluetooth water bottle that syncs to a “hydration app” 
  • Smart egg tray that syncs to your phone to tell you how many eggs you have and how fresh they are  

These may be extreme examples, but there are near-infinite examples. Have you been to a restaurant that got rid of printed menus and now requires you to scan a QR code or download a mobile app to see the menu?  

No one wants a QR code menu.  

Your business wants to solve customer problems and offer the best experience. Providing a mobile app or other new tech solution seems to be the right answer, but you want to avoid investing in and launching tech nobody asked for.  

That’s where our technology and marketing teams can help. We identify customer concerns, including obstacles in the buyer journey or gaps in customer experience, and help you build out tech solutions to overcome those issues, including mobile applications or website improvements.  

Check out this case study to see how New Era did exactly that. >>

If you want to learn more about custom, customer-friendly technology solutions, we can help you get started.  

Want to see more examples of tech nobody asked for? MIT Technology Review released their picks for the 10 worst technologies of the 21st century.

Is there anything on the list you disagree with?  

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