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Customer IQ: The new imperative

Data has always been integral to organizations. However, as customer expectations continue to evolve, data-driven insights have proven integral to optimizing customer relationships. This has resulted in data leaders not only being integral to transformation but often leading the transformation.  

From finding, acquiring, serving, and retaining customers to predicting and delivering those customer moments that matter, data and analytics have emerged as essential enterprise competencies.  

At this year’s MITCDOIQ Symposium, our Regional Vice President and Executive Data Leader Mark Johnson sat down with a panel of experts, including Todd James (Chief Data and Technology Officer at 84.51), Chris Tambos (VP of Data & Analytics at Fortune Brands Water Innovations), Eric Wiegand (Industry Expert), David Levine (VP of Solution Sales at Fusion Alliance), and Saj Patel (VP of Data Solutions at Fusion Alliance). Together, these industry leaders illuminate the outcomes and successes your business can see at the intersection of digital, data, and analytics and present emerging best practices that will ensure your success.  

As business models pivot to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers and organizations, these experts explain how their organizations answered some of their biggest challenges, including dealing with pandemic-related changes using data and analytics.  

This panel also covers how data fits into your bigger business strategy. Marketing has traditionally been the biggest consumer of customer data, but now we are seeing how important data is to all areas of the organization.  

With a wealth of knowledge between these great data minds, this panel provides information you won’t want to miss that can help you make the right choices and provide the ultimate customer experience.   


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