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Wish You Could Call Miss Cleo to See the Future?

Predictive models tell you more than any tarot reading 

“Call me now for your free tarot reading!”  


If you were ever up late watching television in the late 90’s, you remember Miss Cleo, the woman who claimed she could see the future and tell your fortune with an over-the-phone tarot reading. You probably read the opening line in her dramatic Jamaican accent and see her with her crystal ball.  


Of course, it was “for entertainment only,” but that didn’t stop thousands of people from calling in, hoping for a glimpse of the future to help them make tough decisions.  


Wouldn't it be great if you could see what the future holds for your business so you can make smart decisions and build strategies that will support upcoming trends and mitigate risk? But if you can’t call Miss Cleo, what can you do? 


You look into the past. And no, we’re not talking about holding a séance.  


We're talking about leveraging your data with machine learning. Machine learning analyzes your data to look for trends and patterns that can be used to develop predictive models to forecast economic trends, customer behavior, and marketing campaign success.  


Learn More: Modern data platforms support machine learning to develop predictive models 


Get Smart: Want to learn more about the rise and fall of the self-proclaimed psychic? Check out Call Me Miss Cleo, a new documentary on HBO Max that provides an illuminating, in-depth look at the woman, the empire that was built around her, and her eventual downfall.  


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