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Is your data cereal or soup?

The importance of data classification

Often presented as a click-bait internet poll, the question “Is cereal a soup?” is only baffling until you realize that the answer hinges on how you define the term. Merriam-Webster contends that soup is a liquid sustenance often containing pieces of solid food. Therefore, as one respondent said, cereal is a soup “technically, though not existentially.”

Proper definition of terms is also critical when it comes to classifying your data.

To get the most from your data assets, you’ll need a strong data strategy, supported by definitions like:

  • How information is grouped, weighted, and prioritized
  • How common dimensions will be conformed
  • How data will be standardized, cleansed, and tagged

Your data use cases, sources, and architecture are unique. How you define your data strategy should be, too. Fusion’s team of data, technology, and digital experts can help you architect and implement a comprehensive data strategy, offer insights and best practices to support a growing data culture, or step in to solve a particular problem.

Don’t let data eat your business for breakfast. Learn more about defining your data terms or get in touch for a quick consultation.

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