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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Solutions to Maximize Your Online Presence

As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, standing out from your competitors to attract new leads and hold on to existing customers is increasingly difficult. Overcome these challenges with dynamic digital marketing solutions that leverage the right channels at the right time to put your brand front and center with your target audience.

At New Era Technology, we will help you build and implement a comprehensive digital strategy that does just that. Our team of experts combines proven marketing methods with a customized approach to connect with your ideal customer at the first touchpoint and provide a seamless experience to carry them through every stage of the customer journey.

Our teams include:

  • Digital strategists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Salesforce experts
  • Content strategists
  • SEO specialists
  • Analytics specialists

Digital Marketing Services


Digital Experience Platform Management

Your digital experience platform (DXP) should improve your customer experience and build stronger relationships while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If you’re not experiencing these benefits, our team can help you set up and integrate your systems properly to align with your company’s needs and processes to deliver the ROI you expect.


Martech Strategy

When you aren't getting the full value of your marketing technology, or you’re concerned your team isn’t making proper use of the tools available to them, our marketing and technology experts can help. We’ll audit your existing stack, looking for opportunities to drive efficiency and value while eliminating potential redundancies and provide the training and guidance your team needs to maximize martech functionality.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business needs to be at the top of search engine results to bring in new, organic traffic to your website and prevent losing out to your competitors. Our SEO consultants help you raise your rankings and outpace the competition with an effective strategy to determine and leverage the keywords your customers use, improve technical on-site elements, and build relevant, high-ranking content that keeps visitors coming back.


Content Strategy

Your content needs to meet customers at every stage of their journey, from building awareness of your brand through an article they find to cultivating brand loyalty through captivating social media posts and emails. We design content strategies that deliver the content your customers need exactly when and where they need it to create powerful brand experiences that lead to loyal, lifelong customers.


Digital Analytics & Measurement

Digital analytics and measurement provide the vital data needed to reach your ideal customers and create the best customer experience. We can help you gain clarity into your analytics as well as put the right strategy in place to leverage your analytics, so they are implemented correctly, optimized, and supported.

FusionEra_Service – Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) can help you utilize marketing automation, social media marketing, and digital advertising tools to create seamless customer experience and more efficient marketing operations. Our team can help you implement SFMC or optimize your current implementation to ensure you have the right tools and processes in place to power your marketing.

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