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Stick with Your New Year’s (Marketing) Resolution

Stick with Your New Year’s (Marketing) Resolution

Over 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year, and of those, fewer than 10% stick with it. Honestly, most people give up before Punxatawney Phil makes his annual appearance. 

Why is it so hard to stick with a resolution?

Usually, it’s because the steps to success look something like this:  

  1. Make a resolution: “I’m going to get in shape!” 
  2. Invest in equipment to support the resolution: “I bought an exercise bike!”  
  3. Do an activity to support the resolution: “I’m waking up 30 minutes early every day to exercise!”  
  4. Fall off the wagon once. “I hit snooze and well…attempts were made!”
  5. Use an exercise bike to hang sweaters. 

(For those of you who have clothes hanging from your workout equipment, you may be feeling personally attacked right now, and we apologize for that.) 

To stick with a resolution, you need clear goals, a strategy to meet them, support to guide you over obstacles and challenges, and measurable results to track progress.  

If your team’s New Year’s Resolution is creating a successful content strategy this year, it will take more than declaring, “This is the year we get good at content!” and purchasing the latest, greatest marketing software to make it happen. It takes a clear, consistent message and customer insight into the buyer’s journey. Plus, you need to know the right channels to publish content and follow a set publishing schedule.  

It sounds like a lot. Because it is. (Which is why so many companies struggle to stick with it!) 

But when you have the right support in place, such as a team of experts who can work with you to build a content strategy that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience, this is one New Year’s Resolution that is sure to be a success.   

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