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Altafiber Meets Customer Demands through Mobile Engagement




Altafiber reached out to Fusion Alliance to help with both mobile application development and building a CX strategy. After looking at the challenges and their objectives, we developed a three-phase roadmap to determine customer needs, develop the application, and measure success. 

Our goal


Address customer needs

We started with digital strategy, specifically researching their existing customers' needs and frustrations to gain insight into the requirements our technology solutions needed to meet. 


Our solution


  • Created a customer journey map with two customer personas
  • Identified pain points and solutions
  • Analyzed customer data that showed gaps in customer experience


Our goal


Goal: Develop the mobile application


Knowing what their customers wanted and creating a solid CX strategy gave us the foundation for developing their mobile application. Our development team began working on a tight timeline to deliver the final product. 


Our solution


  • Designed iOS and Android applications concurrently using Agile methodology
  • Provided workable software for Cincinnati Bell to review every two weeks
  • Replaced planned features for ones that addressed customer pain points
  • Set up a continued process for feedback from testers and users



Our goal


Goal: Measure CX and business results


Altafiber needed clear, measurable data to see how customers responded to the mobile app. 


Our solution


  • Developed a measurement strategy to assess the impact of the mobile app on CX and business outcomes






Improved patient care

Right now, the system acts as a monitoring system that allows caregivers to consistently monitor their patients and respond in real time to things that could otherwise be catastrophic for a patient. By being able to monitor these simple vitals, caregivers have been able to mitigate negative patient outcomes and provide interventions in a timely manner.

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