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Severance isn't a B2B documentary

AppleTV+ has your breakthrough.

In AppleTV+’s bizarrely compelling drama Severance, employees’ brains are modified to separate their work memories from their off-work thoughts. Of course, what makes the show sci-fi is the fact that no one really has a “work self” and a “life self.”  

So, why does B2B marketing so often seem to assume that consumers and business purchasers are different people? 

Compare your IG feed to the LinkedIn ads you’re served. One platform shows you talking Australian lizards. The other shows you text about processing speeds. When you need insurance, you remember where to go. When it’s time to make a CMS platform decision you…probably should have made a note.  

We want to believe that our B2B customers make purely rational decisions, but experience and data suggest otherwise. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, people predominantly buy from emotion, not stats and features. Creative marketers who are willing to push the envelope can capitalize on this idea to stand out in the sleepy B2B marketing landscape.  

It’s hard to argue with results. One of our clients, a pharma sales enablement company, saw 6x lead growth when they pivoted from standard B2B ads to a brighter, more engaging campaign direction. 

Your B2B targets don’t come to work as a separate persona. Creative marketing captures attention with a whole brain approach. 

Ready to ditch the sinister work-life lobotomy assumptions? We’re always ready to talk about how to set your brand apart, whether it’s new creative or a streamlined martech stack. Let us know how we can help. 

Get smart: Wondering how to sell creative marketing internally? We’ve been reading The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance that Awaits New Ideas and thinking through the authors’ framework for overcoming our natural resistance to change – especially as it applies to organizations. If you’re struggling through a shift, this book could be worth your reading time.  

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