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There's no crying in baseball. Or in GA4.

Rub some dirt on it, marketers.

When a behemoth like Google rolls out a wholesale change like GA4 while the new product is still in beta, it’s understandable if you miss some fly balls or pull a muscle. New reports. New features. The vague sense that you should be grateful for the opportunity while also feeling dumb that you don’t exactly get the nuances.  

If all this leaves you feeling like you’re getting yelled at by Tom Hanks in 1993’s A League of Their Own, we understand. 

Universal Analytics won’t be available for much longer, and GA4 is a moving target. But you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. We’ve got a team digging into the transition to help you stay in the game.  

Get smart. Not sure which play comes next? Need to catch some GA4 basics? Here are a few resources to get you started:

[Deep Dive] Build a solid game plan: 6 steps to making your GA4 transition easier 

[Offer] Get your GA4 migration back on track 

[30-Min Webinar] Maximize your GA4 opportunities 

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