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A horse is a horse, and other martech myths

On being tech-agnostic

Martech is a crowded field, and a lot of the voices weighing in on your options have a horse in the race.* No one is out to skew the odds on purpose, but your organization is unique. Just because one solution is a front-runner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great fit for your business.  

So how do you sort the facts from the hype and decide where to place your bets? We rounded up a few martech myths as a starting point. 

Myth: One CDP is as good as another. 

Fact Check: Finding the right CDP (or CRM, or DMP, or any other solution you can think of) isn’t a simple box to check. And, once you make your decision, integrating and customizing your platform will also take time and attention. 

Myth: Everyone needs a CDP. 

Fact Check: Depending on your use cases, you might be able to do everything you need to do with your CRM. 

Myth: You should pick a vendor and go all in. 

Fact Check: It probably goes without saying, but when it comes to technology there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. One product might be a great fit for your needs, but that doesn’t mean that the vendor should then supply your entire tech stack. 

Myth: Data and tech silos are just the way business works. 

Fact Check: Regardless of size, scope, or industry, today’s businesses can’t afford to be siloed. When you’re evaluating a tech solution or rethinking your entire customer data strategy, prioritizing integration is always a safe bet. 

On your mark. 

Ready to put your martech through the paces? Read on to find resources to help you optimize your stack and get your customer data strategy across the finish line. 

*Full disclosure: one of our team members won $100 when Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby, but for the most part we are platform- and livestock-agnostic. 

Get Smart: We try not to be too on the nose with our book recommendations but couldn’t help ourselves this time. In Data Strategy, Bernard Marr collects a solid primer on the data landscape and how your organization can use it (legally and ethically) to advance your goals. Spoiler alert, though probably not surprising given the title, strategy turns out to be the foundational driver for effective data use. Whether you read the book, our Ultimate Guide to Customer Data Strategy, or just want to get a sense of potential next steps, we’d love to chat about customer data. 

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