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Transforming the Website into a Business Enabler


Having worked with New Era Technology on digital marketing and product launches in the past and having looked to New Era Technology for suggestions on how to take the brand in an edgier direction, PRECISION extended the partnership to include the website redesign. With a limited budget and an aggressive timeline driven by a key upcoming industry event, New Era Technology pulled in a team with diverse skillsets to meet the challenge. 

Project Goal

Elevate Design to Make the Website Stand Out 

To create a memorable website experience that communicated their brand’s breakthrough products, PRECISION asked for a bolder, more edgy design that was still consistent with the overall brand standards of their organization. 

Our Solution
  • Create a new design standard with more conceptual imagery
  • Integrate existing brand fonts and colors, but with a more modern application
  • Incorporate movement and strong design elements to capture attention and elevate the brand experience
  • Develop the new website within the limitations of the existing custom WordPress theme to maximize prior investment and leverage in-house skillsets

The new look and feel of the website was elevated, content-driven, and clean with bold headlines.

Project Goal

Convey Market leadership in Messaging & Imagery

PRECISION leads the market in innovative solutions for their target customers, but the legacy website wasn’t positioned with that focus in mind. PRECISION asked for more direct language that would answer customer needs with bold brand statements — and visual imagery that would reinforce that direction.

Our Solution
  • Customer interviews and market research to discover themes that resonate with the company’s target audience
  • New core messaging for the products and business unit using shorter, bolder phrasing
  • Core messaging pulled through the website
  • Illustrations, design elements, and page layouts executed in bolder, more conceptual visual direction


Project Goal

Design a Better User Experience

People who landed on the legacy website weren’t sure how to navigate, as internal business names were used to differentiate sections of the site, and visitors who were not already familiar with product names didn’t know what to select to meet their needs. PRECISION asked for a more customer-focused user experience and site navigation.

Our Solution
  • Customer interviews, sales team interviews, SEO research, and topical research to inform new site navigation, information architecture, and page naming conventions
  • Design and implementation of customer-focused pillar page strategy offering topical paths into product information
  • Creation of a new menu structure designed to be intuitive and meet the customer at different points of awareness

We ensured the UX and visual branding of this website redesign fit all screen sizes.

Project Goal

Create Customer-Focused Content to Support Sales

To support continued growth and expansion into target markets, PRECISION hoped to implement account-based marketing and create stronger content funnels to assist with lead nurture and cross-selling. They asked that the new website structure and implementation include significant supporting content designed for customer acquisition, lead generation, and nurture.

Our Solution
  • Complete content audit evaluating existing resources and positioning
  • Repurposing existing content with new tone and voice, messaging, and product positioning
  • Rewriting existing content for website format, SEO, and funnel position
  • Creation of new, topical pillar page content purpose-built for customer needs and helping to surface the right content at the right time, drawing the ideal customer along the funnel toward a product decision


"I am receiving very positive feedback from all levels in the organization... the New Era Technology team did an outstanding job with the website."

4 Months from Concept to Launch
30 New, Customer-Focused Pages Written for SEO
35+ Custom illustrations Designed and Developed

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