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Fusion News: Google TensorFlow Certification

May 24, 2021
We’re excited to announce that Michael Vieck, an Android Engineer with Fusion Alliance since 2019, has obtained his Google TensorFlow Certification. This accomplishment is key to the greater Machine Learning and AI strategy offerings from Fusion Alliance. Read More

Fusion Feature: Leslie Pratt

May 19, 2021
We recently spoke with Leslie Pratt, Senior Business Analyst at Fusion Alliance, about the work she has been doing to make a difference in her community. We asked about what volunteering means to her, how other employers can make it easy for employees to contribute, and how giving impacts the... Read More

Fusion Feature: Jennifer Young

Feb 9, 2021
Jennifer Young, an account project manager for our digital practice, recently became a certified strategic account manager. We asked for her feedback on what this accomplishment means for her, and for clients of Fusion Alliance. Read More

Giving back, and looking to the future

Jan 12, 2021
I think we can all agree that 2020 was a very different kind of year. However, we’re proud to share that Fusion Alliance was still able to volunteer both time and money for nonprofits in the areas where we work and live. Giving is not just something that’s nice to do — it’s part of our mission... Read More
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