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Data Virtualization with Denodo

Streamline data access to support your most critical business needs.

Many organizations struggle with data that is siloed, complex to access, difficult to integrate, and inaccessible to most business users. This diminishes the value of data and its ability to influence decision-making.

Often, data warehouses and data lakes are used to try to bring the data together for reporting, but these solutions present their own drawbacks in terms of effort, complexity, costs, and time-to-market considerations.

Data virtualization is a powerful solution that can also seamlessly operate alongside existing data warehouses and data lakes.

Working together, New Era and Denodo use data virtualization to unlock your deeply buried data, make it available to business users, and help your organization become data-driven.

Together, New Era & Denodo enable companies to:

  • Access real-time data for improved business decisions and to keep pace with the speed of business
  • Gain self-service access to data including direct connectivity to system-of-record data as it is produced and updated
  • Integrate data across the business without replication and redundancy
  • Centralize metadata, security, and governance with an integrated view of all data, allowing for standardization and the enforcement of core principles of access, understanding, and use
  • Reduce IT costs by lowering data engineering workloads, reducing the lifecycle of data engineering projects
  • Leverage expertise and leadership to ensure the ongoing success of the new data solution

Modernize Your Data Platforms

Modernizing data management with Denodo Platform

Modernizing a data platform requires a modern reference architecture that brings the best technologies to a solution, as well as modern approaches that can enable unique capabilities. Data virtualization sits at the heart of an integration architecture that exposes data for pent-up demand and use cases. The Denodo Platform can resolve many of the inherent challenges in a complex ecosystem of applications including those that perform data integration, point-to-point integration, the delivery of data with accelerated time-to-market, security, and data governance.


Not sure if data virtualization is the right solution for your needs?

Our Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop provides an actionable approach to understanding how data virtualization can help address your organization’s challenges.

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