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Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop

The Challenge

For an organization to be competitive in the era of digital transformation, data must be front and center. However, if you’re like many organizations, you’re struggling with data that is deeply buried, complex to access, difficult to integrate, and unattainable to most business users. This diminishes the value of your organization’s data and its ability to influence decision-making.

Often, data delivery solutions such as data warehouses, self-service BI, and data lakes are being used to try to unlock data silos, however, each of these solutions presents its own drawbacks in terms of effort, complexity, costs, and time-to-market considerations.

A better solution: Data virtualization

Data virtualization can unlock the deeply buried data, make it available to business users, and help your organization become data-driven.

Get started with our Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop

Our Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop can identify the gaps and challenges within your environment where data virtualization could be considered. We can help you understand where data virtualization can be a vital element of a solution, uncover the use cases that will be most impactful to the business, and establish next steps for evaluating and implementing data virtualization technology pragmatically within your ecosystem.

Data virtualization can deliver value to both the business and IT in many ways.

Workshop approach

The collaborative and interactive 2-to-3-hour workshop will bring your key business and technical stakeholders together and work through a series of discussion topics around data virtualization.

We will start with understanding the factors that are driving interest in data virtualization and identifying the constraints, limitations, and pain points with your current architecture.

Then we will identify the integration use cases where data virtualization is an optimal solution and recommend what capabilities are essential to implement in addressing those use cases effectively.

Our final discussion focuses on identifying logical steps for POC and pilot initiatives to evaluate the technology leveraging specific use cases for validation of business value.


After the workshop, you’ll receive a presentation that captures the essence of each discussion topic and highlights the key recommendations and next steps to move the evaluation forward. It provides an actionable approach to understand how data virtualization can help address your organization’s challenges.

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