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Top 10 ways to use Copilot in Microsoft Solutions

Generative AI is the latest hype in the current times, and Copilot does it best in integration with the vast Microsoft technology suite. It has brought coding, application usage, automation, analytics, and cloud computing right into the hands of citizen developers, with natural language prompts that generate the desired computing output. Enter the age of Generative AI with Microsoft Copilot, which is bound to reduce the dependence on complex technical skills.

With Copilot releasing across the various Microsoft technologies, let’s take a contextual view of how this game-changer will work for your business. We will discuss how you can benefit from lowered operational costs, time and resource allocation savings, efficiency, and enhanced productivity.

1. Analytics and BI: Analytics and Business Intelligence no longer require in-depth technical skills. Use your natural language in Power BI to generate dashboards, perform predictive analysis, and much more, all set for novice users. Just describe the intended output, the required visualization, and the data source, and query the output- all done by Copilot. Bring the power of BI into the hands of every user across your organization.

2. Automation: Process Automation is now a breeze with Power Automate. Just type the requirements for the flow in your language and have the automation generated instantly. You can add pre-defined actions, automate communication, and do much more. Use Copilot for a wide range of workflows that you need to automate across your workplace.

3. App Development: Need a custom App designed? Copilot does it for you, just with a description. No more complex coding and dependence on technical resources! It works well for novice users who can now instantly create an App for their business needs, setting the stage for the democratization of App development with no coding skills.

4. Chatbots: Virtual Assistant or conversational ChatBots are the new data extraction and user engagement norm. With Copilot in Power Virtual Agents, you can create a Chatbot based on a description of your specification and the required data source. Built-in data mining capabilities, natural language processing abilities, and contextual user engagement make your Chatbot vital for your business.

5. Web Page Development:

  • Break free from complex web page coding, adding elements and CSS styles.
  • Just describe your page and get it created by Copilot in Power Pages.
  • Get a form embedded and a table to store data, all with your natural language prompts.

The above features of Copilot are for Microsoft Power Platform, which includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages. For our in-depth blog on Microsoft Copilot in Power Platform, click here.

6. Modern Workplace: Routine office tasks of composing emails and creating documents and spreadsheets are now a thing of the past. Copilot in Microsoft 365 integrates with your enterprise documents and files in many ways: 
  • Generates document ideas and samples 
  • Summarizes and composes emails 
  • Creates complex spreadsheets with advanced capabilities such as “what-if analysis”, all with inputs in your natural language. Such capabilities redefine conventional office tasks and significantly enhance productivity and efficiency  

7. Communication: Teams has redefined virtual office communication. Copilot with Microsoft Teams takes the experience to a new level with automatic conversation summarization, generation of action points, setting agendas for future meetings, and translation capabilities across over 100 languages. 

The above capabilities of Copilot in Microsoft 365 Apps are just a snapshot of how it simplifies routine office tasks and communication. To know more about how it works and its extended features across M365, read our exclusive blog by clicking here. 

8. Cloud Computing: Creating AI models, content moderation, marketing asset creation, language translation, and creating code and content is no longer restricted to extensive technical skills. Use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Copilot to seamlessly work with Azure as per your business requirements and leverage the immense potential of cloud computing made accessible with natural language prompts. 

9. Security: Cybersecurity now gets simplified with the Microsoft Security Copilot. Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities enable easy threat detection and best-suited remediation strategies based on interpreting vast analytical data across various security models. Users working with security applications in the Microsoft suite just need to type the required prompt, and the solution gets automatically generated. 

For more information on the above capabilities of Microsoft Copilot designed for Azure and Cybersecurity, read our blog on “Microsoft Copilot-Redefining Business Operations” by clicking here. 

10. AI Pair Programming with GitHub Copilot: Coding no longer requires technical skills! Use the GitHub Copilot- built on the DevOps model in Azure Data Studio to define your code output requirements in your natural language and have the code automatically generated across C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, as well as with SQL queries. In addition, GitHub Copilot uses OpenAI Codex in Visual Studio to compose code or act as an AI Pair Programmer to edit written code and generate automated suggestions. 

Microsoft Copilot has redefined application usage across many popular Microsoft technology suites. It has made the power of technology accessible without coding by using the next-gen Generative AI. For more information on using Microsoft Copilot to enhance your business operations, contact us, and our experts will be glad to help. 

New Era Technology is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with vast experience in providing custom solutions across the vast set of Microsoft technologies and can be a perfect technology partner in your journey towards digital transformation. 


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