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Managing the need for (data) speed

Who's going maverick with your data?

It’s probably not the first Top Gun reference you’ve seen today, but when we think about the perils of Shadow IT for data governance and the importance of handling data democratization well in your organization, we couldn’t think of a better analogy. 

Today’s knowledge workers need data, and they need it at Mach speed. If your organization funnels requests for data insights through your IT department and they’re experiencing significant flight delays or are overbooked, you can’t blame the business for turning to shadow sources for quicker results. 

Many organizations turn to self-service BI solutions to manage this problem, but if you don’t manage governance with solid workflows, you can quickly stall out or fall into a tailspin. (We promise we’re going to stop with the flying metaphors. Soon.) 

We’re finding that a lot of companies aren’t sure exactly where they stand when it comes to managing data democratization. You might need a complete governance overhaul, but, more likely, a quick assessment and gameplan could get you back on track. Whether you need an audit, stakeholder workshop, or a quick call to level set, we’re here to help.  

Shadow IT, data governance, that AI they built to deliver Val Kilmer’s line…let us know what’s on your mind. 

Get smart: Not to be painfully obvious, but the new Top Gun: Maverick remake is out in theaters nationwide. The original is on Amazon Prime as of June 1. And if you really want to geek out, you can read the 1983 article that inspired the franchise

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