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Elevating your digital footprint (tap dancing optional)

How to make websites more spirited

As a modern organization on the path to digital transformation, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep your brand in line with shifting customer expectations. But, if you’re like most organizations, your website may not be keeping up.  

Is your digital footprint giving your target audience brand whiplash?  

To paraphrase Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds, no website is truly unredeemable, but it might take some serious choreography to make it accurately reflect the heart of your business.  

One of our clients, a cutting-edge technology brand serving the pharmaceutical industry, ran into this problem earlier this year. They were growing in hyperscale, but their website didn’t match who they were becoming from a visual branding or a core messaging standpoint. We had been a marketing partner for the company’s product launches, so when they needed new website content to support an ABM initiative, we helped them redesign, rewrite, and transform the experience of their website – in just four months. 

Check out the results >> 

Maybe it’s time to stop tap dancing around the issues you’re having with your website. If you’re interested in elevating your digital footprint by redesigning, replatforming, or making incremental changes to your website and mobile experiences, we can help. 

Make your digital footprint more spirited >>

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