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Website Optimization: AI Healthcare Company Takes it to the Next Level


A good website needs more than an attractive design and the latest feature. A business website also needs to attract a target audience, provide an engaging experience and intuitive navigation, and deliver the information, service, or product a visitor is seeking. To meet this objective, a business needs to leverage relevant content and optimize it so the specific pages will be visible in search engine results. And of course, it should also be aesthetically pleasing and align with your brand and mission.  

An AI automation company specializing in healthcare found their website wasn't getting traffic nor bringing in the leads they needed to grow their company. While they were creating content frequently, their target audience either didn't find it in search engines, couldn't find it on their site, or didn't find it engaging enough to take the next step of asking for more information.   

Compounding this issue, their marketing team couldn't add new content, optimize existing pages, or update designs and layouts without IT support. This delayed campaigns, slowed how content was published, and hurt their search performance. 

This company needed a website optimization and had three goals for the project: 

  • Boost their SEO performance
  • Improve website navigation and user experience
  • Enable their marketing team to make updates without additional IT support

To achieve these goals, they knew they needed outside assistance to evaluate their content, website, and internal processes. That’s when they reached out to New Era Technology for help.



During the initial assessment, our team found that our client created a large volume of complex content that was targeted toward a fairly niche audience. To help their target audience find what they needed when they visited the site, our team made logical and intuitive information architecture and navigation the cornerstones of this website design. We implemented drop-down navigation for a simpler experience while introducing "pillar pages" which are topic-specific pages that provide overviews of the topic and link out to other internal pages. This creates a guided path to relevant information, resulting in a better customer experience, and it also improves SEO results. 

While the client's website was built using WordPress, they weren't leveraging the platform's full capabilities. Our team helped them implement WordPress best practices and selecting plug-ins to customize and improve their site performance while also working with the internal marketing team to control content delivery. With WordPress Advanced Custom Fields components, their marketing team can create the content they need, publish, and update whenever it's necessary, without involving the IT department. 

During the website optimization, we helped the client focus on delivering their content in ways their target audience wants to consume it. We developed a clear, consistent component library approach to create “pillar” pages that provide short content for busy users who only have time to scan for information and long content for users who are researching and considering options. After using this “pillar” page concept of multiple components to optimize their home page, our client asked us to implement the same concept on their other main website pages as well. The result is a content-rich, optimized site that is easy to navigate and find valuable, relevant information. 


With the optimized content, navigation, and design, our client has seen an increase in traffic to the website and the length of time users spend on site. They feel they are now attracting the right people and delivering the right information while increasing the desire for more content. Additionally, the marketing team is now empowered to update and own their content without needing to go through IT.

46% Increase in Total Entrance Rates
26% Increase in Average Session Duration
Improved Online Experience

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