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Unifying and Strengthening Brand Presence through Website Redesign

With several internal websites, two public-facing sites, and challenges in infrastructure, branding, and marketing, UnitedHealthOne needed a significant overhaul of their online presence. At the same time, their website redesign needed to comply with individual state and national regulations and handle a significant increase in traffic due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).Challenges




Unclear Visual Branding 

Although their legacy website was modern and uncluttered, PRECISION wondered if it was really communicating the nature of their work. With limited imagery of people in medical settings and few visual cues about the ground-breaking data and technology aspects of their products, the website wasn’t memorable or visually descriptive.

Lack of Supporting Content

PRECISION’s team wanted to use the website for lead nurture as part of their developing ABM strategy, but the website didn’t support that goal. Beyond product pages and videos, the site lacked supporting content, leaving sales teams struggling to help potential customers understand the products beyond traditional collateral.


Confusing Customer Experience

As the company grew, the website architecture started to reflect internal business structures more than what customers might need or want. The sitemap made sense to PRECISION, but not necessarily to their ideal customers, and people who didn’t know the names of the company’s products couldn’t easily navigate to the right spot.


UHOne partnered with New Era Technology Alliance to develop a solutions-based approach to website redesign. Using an Agile Scrum methodology, we implemented three concurrent workstreams: technical, digital and design, and content.   

Project Goal

Build a Technical Workstream 

We needed to ensure a stable, scalable website that offered the flexibility and comprehensive functionality UHOne needed to maintain multiple operations and adapt to a changing landscape quickly, and we knew Sitecore would support these goals.  

Our Solution
  • Conducted an analysis of infrastructure and system parameters required to establish an enterprise-level Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) environment with appropriate security, capacity, and operation readiness
  • Planned, designed, and rolled out Sitecore environments for development, test, model, and production
  • Created a platform-as-a-service model that supported microsite creation and configuration for future web properties within Sitecore  
Project Goal

Configure a Digital and Design Workstream 

Even though UHOne had multiple microsites, cohesion across the entire website needed to go beyond visual design to include website structure, navigation, and functionality. We also wanted to provide this cohesion in a repeatable form for future needs to build out the website.  

Our Solution
  • Created a repeatable design and user-experience strategy that can translate to multiple sites across the Sitecore platform while allowing each site to stand out individually
  • Established critical success factors for website organization, experience architecture, navigation, functionality, and visual design
  • Determined mobile usage needs and parameters for responsive web design  
Project Goal

Establish a Content Workstream 

Setting a brand identity, connecting with customers, securing search engine results, and building trust and authority requires consistent, high-quality content, but it also needs to align with state regulations.  

Our Solution
  • Restructured existing content to utilize Sitecore’s CMS capabilities and deliver personalized, modular content for customers using a variety of devices
  • Laid the foundation for a “localization” approach to creating personalized content to maintain compliance with state regulations
  • Developed content governance protocols that leverage Sitecore’s workflow capabilities and reflect current content marketing, SEO, and device best practices
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager for accurate data related to visitor activity and conversion rates.  




The new website launched on time and on-budget, and PRECISION's team was proud to direct prospects to a site that better reflected their brand. In addition to organic traffic driven by enhanced SEO, sales can now direct customers to the right content at the right time, using pages to cross-sell products, cultivate leads, and assist in closing business. And the new visual direction also serves as a pilot for future revisions to other websites within the corporate domain.

"We appreciate the professionalism, meeting deadlines, and creativity that went into delivering a best-in-class product! New Era is an excellent partner."


In spite of the tight timeframe, technical constraints, and multiple levels of stakeholders, New Era engineered creative solutions that transformed PRECISIONxtract's digital presence and set the stage for ongoing growth and market leadership.


Consistency and Cohesion
By pulling together URLs and brand identities into a single website with a cohesive, strong brand voice, customers could find information easily and fully connect to UHOne's message. 

1 Unified URL Merging Two Public-Facing Domains
b-increase in-online-transaction
3x Increase in Online Transaction Completion
1 Clear Brand Voice across Multiple Microsites

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