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Cloud Transformation: How DWA Revolutionized their Business Processes and Improved Productivity



Keeping data and files properly managed is essential for any organization. This includes having a documented process in place to ensure data and files are saved to appropriate locations so they are organized, accessible, and most importantly, secure. Leadership from DWA Healthcare Communications found that their current file management system was inefficient and ineffective for their needs, with silos of inaccessible data, unnecessary licensing needs, and gaps in security. 

They wanted to take proactive steps to review their file management system and related processes but needed a team of experts to bring clarity and solutions. They partnered with Fusion Alliance to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their file management tools and the processes employees used to save files so they could design a more effective file system. We collaborated with DWA stakeholders to complete a thorough, four-step assessment framework and put a plan in place for a comprehensive cloud transformation.

Talking to stakeholders and assessing their system, our team found several elements that were causing company-wide issues, including: 

  • An assortment of on-premises file servers causing siloed data
  • An overreliance on employee OneDrives which made it difficult for employees to find content and information
  • Significant content duplication which caused confusion and required added storage space. 



Working with our team, DWA recognized the need to streamline and upgrade their systems and sought a solution that would allow employees to move through systems seamlessly to improve efficiency. Our consultants suggested a cloud transformation using the following tools: 

  • Microsoft Stream for video storage and sharing
  • Teams to improve communications and collaboration
  • SharePoint Online for accessible, efficient file storage and col
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Azure, a scalable cloud computing platform 

Facilitating a cloud transformation with an efficient, scalable architecture would allow DWA employees to store and share files conveniently and securely.

However, we couldn't stop at platforms and tools, we knew that for this strategy to succeed, the DWA employees would need to understand the changes and feel confident in the new setup. We created an implementation and education strategy that we supported with comprehensive training materials and resources to ensure buy-in and proper usage related to storing, sharing, and archiving.


The overall project was met with positive company-wide reception despite the significant organizational change. We were thankful for the partnership and would engage in business with Fusion again in the future.

– Kathleen Barrett, COO, DWA Healthcare Communications Group

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