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Software Testing Solutions for Leading National Bank


A leading National bank across the United States reached out to New Era Technology as a follow-up to a previous software assessment project. The customer was interested in an evaluation of their application’s security posture. The customer was in the process of taking steps to ensure compliance, but also needed a third-party to provide an unbiased evaluation of their implementations in the event of an audit. 


This project was unique as the client’s configurations of their applications were on-premises and required local installation of the assessment software. The client specifically requested to not have any outside traffic interaction. This request required installation of various components to run the software within their infrastructure. Access to the client’s environment was locked down by policies, which created a challenge for allowing components to execute. New Era’s team executed a discovery to look into the processes that were required to run on the machine and the coordination with the client’s security personnel to grant appropriate access 

An additional challenge included the manual installation of the software due to the on-premises requirements. Configuration was hampered by security policies and the overall assessment was delayed due to these challenges. New Era Technology effectively communicated this situation with the client and the software vendor allowed for successful implementation. 

To ensure client satisfaction, New Era Technology provided an increase of elaborate reports of the client’s security posture via the software’s dashboard and reporting capabilities. The dashboard provided detailed security analysis using the latest web and security vulnerability protocols, broken down by severity and time estimates. The overall assessment provided the client with detailed information on their security posture and how to address the concerns. The project took 3-4 weeks to complete.

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