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Leading Pharmaceuticals Company Leverages Portal Solution from New Era Technology


About the Client

European multinational pharmaceutical company with production facilities in eight countries, and affiliates or offices in 5 countries. Client manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services. Key products include diabetes care medications and devices.


In absence of a comprehensive solution, client’s Leadership team was compelled to use manual process of managing multiple distribution lists in Outlook to execute critical communications with their regional and local sales teams. With over 500 lists, administration was a huge challenge

But the larger risk was interrupted flow of communication between leadership and sales teams.

Distribution List Updating Issues:

Client’s Sales leadership team used distribution lists in Outlook to execute critical  communications to its regional and local sales teams. It was important for them to have these distribution lists’ membership updated daily to reflect changes in org structure & new hires. 

To achieve this, internal IT support team’s help was required with list updating. This process had 24 hours of TAT and to complicate the matter further, there were close to 500 distribution lists. Keeping the membership updated was a big challenge. Risk of important communication not reaching the intended recipient was always a cause for worry.


New Era was engaged to provide a solution which addressed this challenge and provided immediate results, while simplifying the administration with self-servicing features rather, than having to raise requests through their internal IT support. 

We deployed a comprehensive portal solution to fulfill the requirements and provided minimal & responsive UI that enabled the Sales Admin group to:

1. Create new lists
2. Delete unused groups 
3. Add/ delete members to a group

The portal was also integrated with their HR management system to effectively update members of distribution lists, automatically, based on certain criteria like Region, District, Position and Sales hierarchy codes derived from their profiles in the HR management system.


  1. Improved communication between Leadership team and sales organization resulting in enhanced sales performance
  2. Reduced the TAT significantly by replacing the manual process of list verification and updates with automated process flow
  3. Self Servicing portal, allows authorized users to add and modify members & create new DL’s easily
  4. Incidents and action performed by administrators and DL owners are recorded, and reports are available for auditing and review.
  5. Transparent process of delegating responsibilities of managing distribution lists by region/district wise.
  6. Integrated HR system with Distribution list management to facilitate data exchange and update.
  7. Configurable rights and access control ensures that System management privileges are restricted to administrators' group and assigned individual group owners.

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