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Pharma Major Experiences Sales Surge and Revenue Boost Post Migration to New Era Technology Custom-built Platform


About the Client

The client is a global healthcare company with 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Headquartered in Europe, its workforce is spread across 79 countries. The company is a leader in innovative medicines and delivery systems that address needs of people with obesity, hemophilia, growth disorders and other serious chronic diseases.


The client was facing serious issues related to business-critical communication and timely updates. Leadership team and field executives were in adequately equipped to connect, communicate, and collaborate to drive action and deliver results. The prevalent process of manual management of the distribution list was ineffective, cumbersome, prone to errors and resulted in delays and missed opportunities. The various issues the company was facing included:

  • Low ROI on efforts
  • Lack of effective communication
  • Absence of control
  • Lack of visibility into process and progress of work
  • Absence of timely information on performance

The challenge lay in:

  • Improving outcome of sales efforts
  • Transitioning out of a manual process to an automated workflow to eliminate human errors and improve reliability
  • Improving visibility into the metrics around salesperson efficiency
  • Viewing real time data on ongoing work
  • Integrating HR processes to streamline workforce availability
  • Enabling cross functional collaborative work i.e., sales, marketing, HR, etc.
  • Ensuring effective and efficient communication and management of the sales distribution list
  • Enabling adequate communication within the sale distribution network to overcome the issues related to lack of control and loss of productivity

The client looked toward New Era to find a solution that would address all the pain points faced by the company.


New Era evaluated the landscape, the specific requirements of the client, and the industry the client operated in, to arrive at the best fit solution. Based on their independent assessment, New Era designed and built a tailormade Distribution List Management solution that users could deploy and access from anywhere.


  • Surge in sales propelled by enhanced collaboration between the field reps, the leadership team, and related stakeholders.
  • Productivity driven profitability through streamlined workflows, reliable, always-on communication a visible improvement in results.
  • Enhanced output quality as an outcome of customized solution. Tailormade solution helped move away from manual system boosting efficiency and reliability, prompt, and human-error free updates to the list.
  • Transparency and visibility through Single pane of glass interface. Data, metrics and granular data availability resulted in clear visibility into operations.
  • Integrated, automated solution ensured consistency with platform designed to talk to the HR systems, the database, active directory, and exchange server.
  • Boost to collaborative productivity with cross functional communication through secure messaging for closed group communication.
  • Group communication for managers and field staff for monitored, guided progress of tasks and management by objective.
  • Easy management of groups. Sales groups could be created based on title, region, location, districts etc. This made it easier to allocate or reassign resources between groups.
  • Intuitive platform. Easy navigation through intuitively designed solution.
  • Enhanced customer responsiveness with access to clear, on-the-go communication channels


A customized user intuitive solution that provided an automated, HR integrated platform for leadership, management, and field salespersons to manage distributed lists, communicate seamlessly and provide the impetus for increased sales

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