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New Era Technology Orchestrates Largest Ever Office 365 Intune Migration for Healthcare Major in the Tri-State Area


About the Client

The client is a reputed not-for-profit healthcare service provider in the USA. With a huge network of 17,000 professionals and 4800 affiliated physicians, it operates seven reputed hospitals that provide extended healthcare services. The Client operates from New Jersey, supporting 11 counties and 4.9 million people focusing on easy access and affordability of healthcare services.


The healthcare client with a workforce distributed across multiple locations, needed a cost effective and robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that would enable the organization to manage its 5000+ devices. This number of devices is among the largest for any healthcare company in the tri-state area.

The new solution and migration process would have to address several business requirements including:

  • Addressing the high additional license cost incurred on the AirWatch MDM in use.
  • Easing the compatibility challenges between the MDM in use and the enterprise collaboration software.
  • Working on improvement in the data and device security.
  • Transitioning out from AirWatch in a seamless manner without wiping out devices.
  • Enabling users to self-initiate the migration of their devices.

Additionally, there were several unique challenges.

  • Orchestrating a seamless migration at a never-before scale of a network of 5000+ devices without wiping or resetting the devices to factory mode and minimising any disruptions to users.
  • Mitigating cost inefficiencies without compromising on quality of services.
  • Transitioning the 5000+ devices seamlessly onto an alternate robust and reliable MDM software.

Based off their long-term engagement, the client relied on New Era technical expertise to find a solution on this business-critical scenario and to provide them with a cost and value driven advantage.


New Era saw an opportunity to provide a holistic solution. Based on an analysis of the scenario, New Era Technology decided to leverage the existing MDM capability available in Office 365 to simplify the technology landscape, reduce the technology footprints and save cost on additional licensing costs. New Era Technology evaluated the client’s existing MDM platform, and used a third-party product to help end users self -service the migration launch and initiate the complex migration from the existing MDM to Intune, Microsoft’s Office 365 integrated MDM.


• 30% savings in cost post migration to O365 Intune. The savings arose from the elimination of the additional license fees paid for the non-Microsoft MDM in use.
• Significant reduction in third-party technology footprint. The migration
consolidated the technology platforms into a single integrated one.
• Streamlined process with support from Help Desk and utilization of in-house
talent pool.
• Elimination of multiple Device-IDs required previously. Single Azure ID were
sufficient after migration.
• Delivered improved ROI on Office 365 platform.
• Enriched user experience by deploying accelerators and tools that
expedited migration speed.
• Enabled advanced management through Intune. Compared to other solutions,
Intune is an integrated console for the advanced management of mobile
devices and enterprise apps.
• Intune driven added benefits such as easy integration with other Microsoft
services like Azure and Office365. It also offers customers access to Microsoft
Graph API for workflow task automation besides being ideal for businesses of
all sizes and works on all devices.


The Migration activity was successfully carried out for over
5000 corporate devices. This helped the client achieve
technology consolidation under the Microsoft platform,
thereby positively impacting the total cost of ownership. It
also provided a sustainable MDM solution to cater to the
client’s current and future needs.

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