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Leading Grocery Retailer Looks to Innovation



Keeping up with Convenience trends

As customers seek increased convenience in grocery shopping, retailers like Walmart and Amazon, as well as third-party services like Instacart provide rapid grocery delivery. At the same time, meal-kit delivery companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh use a subscription model to send pre-prepped and portioned meals each week to their customers. The grocery industry is rapidly changing to meet consumers' expectations of convenience and our client struggled to keep up with the demand. 

Improving the In-store Shopping Experience

While grocery delivery and meal-kit delivery is on the rise, consumers still need to shop in the store, and the grocery chain wanted to improve their customers' shopping experience. They had a proprietary solution in place that allowed customers to avoid waiting in checkout lines, but wanted to leverage technology to optimize the process. 

Lacking Insight into Customer Shopping Behaviors

The grocery chain wanted to improve customer service in a way that aligned with the growing desire for self-service and convenience, but they didn't have a system or the technology in place that would allow them to collect valuable information about their customers' shopping and buying experience or their purchases. 



When the grocery chain reached out to Fusion, they had the pilot program underway for their proprietary solution which showed improvements in customer experience. To build on this success, Fusion worked with them to create solutions that would roll out their program company-wide and improve how they collected customer data. 

Mobile Application Development Innovation

The first step was developing a mobile application that would allow the pilot program our client already had to go company wide. Customers in every store could download an app, scan products as they shopped, and pay through the app in order to avoid checkout lines and hasten their shopping experience. 

Improve Data Collection

The application team added data analytics features to the application so our client could collect valuable information about customer purchases. This provided insight into the customer buying experience and guided the company on where they could improve customer service. 

Developed Commercially Licensed Apps

Fusion helped facilitate a successful digital transformation that allowed our client to take their initial mobile application and license them for commercial sale. By prioritizing mobile application development innovation, they could also serve other retailers who were experiencing the same challenges as our client. Our client could stand out as an authority and innovator in the industry while increasing revenue for their company. 



Improving customer experience

Our client was concerned they were losing ground to delivery and meal-kit services and wanted to improve the in-store shopping experience. Through mobile application development innovation, our team helped them go beyond their goals and create industry-wide solutions.

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Increased store loyalty and profitability
Improved customer exp
Increased revenue through commercially licensed applications

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