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One Multinational Financial Firm’s Customer Experience Transformation



Our Goal


Determine the Cause of Delays

We needed to gain a clear and accurate understanding of how the company engaged with customers, what role marketing automation played, and their current platforms and processes. We also wanted to get clarity into the obstacles and challenges that were slowing down their efforts. 

Our Solution


  • Conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders across the internal email marketing process
  • Analyzed the process from inception to creation, review, platform and delivery workflow through Salesforce
  • Analyzed internal documents and platform specifications to identify patterns and needs
  • Mapped out systems and procedures to visualize areas of opportunities

Our Goal


Recommend a System to Increase Efficiency

With an assessment in place and seeing the obstacles that reduced speed in their email marketing, our recommendations went beyond tactical execution. We defined the need for standardizing email formats, integrating or reducing systems, and implementing marketing automation. Our team also shared opportunities for collaboration among siloed teams. 


Our Solution


  • Streamlined delivery by leveraging current platforms
  • Aligned skills with responsibilities
  • Created a design pattern library and templates to streamline processes
  • Utilized a content and digital asset management repository to reduce content duplication 


Improved customer communications and experiences

With a highly detailed current-state assessment and a viable roadmap, our client has the tools needed to act upon prioritized recommendations. More importantly, they can set the pace of action to ensure optimal results while improving both internal efficiency and customer experience. 

Reduced email process from months to fewer than 10 days
Opened communications between siloed departments
Developed roadmap to increase email marketing efficiency and improve CX

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