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Reshaping a Commercial Apparel Company through Microsoft Dynamics ERP



At first glance, it seemed that Affinity’s problems stemmed from a third-party implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP and ecommerce platform in the cloud, but this was before Dynamics had a cloud-based option. While this was certainly a problem, an in-depth assessment also revealed inefficient custom code, failures in critical architecture, and a lack of scalability.  

New Era Technology partnered with Affinity to not only fix these problems but ensure they were positioned for further success. 

Project Goal

Stabilize the Existing Infrastructure 

The first step was to perform a technology rescue to stabilize the environment to get daily operations running smoothly.  

Our Solution
  • Repaired critical architecture and increase capacities 
  • Fixed and improved upon the existing code to increase efficiency within the system 
  • Migrated Dynamics AX ERP to a new datacenter to instantly improve performance
  • Reconfigured architecture to adhere to Microsoft best practices for interoperability of devices in Affinity’s warehouses and fulfillment centers 
Project Goal

Increase Efficiency across the Company  

Affinity initially implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP to increase efficiency and streamline operations. We looked at options that would not only meet these goals but also support a scalable system with the flexibility needed for growth.  

Our Solution
  • Eliminated customizations in the original implementation that caused transactions and orders to get lost in the system 
  • Improved transportation management system to eliminate unnecessary costs and gaps in shipping.  
  • Updated warehouse management system to improve how orders are processed and prepared for shipping.
Project Goal

Improve Customer Experiences and Rebuild Confidence 

Fixing the tech issues and improving operational efficiency would help speed fulfillment and rebuild any lost customer confidence, but we also looked for ways to improve customer experience to also attract and convert new customers.  

Our Solution
  • Deployed customized websites focused on UX to create a more engaging experience 
  • Increased website capabilities to handle increased traffic, offer more functionality, and ensure a seamless buying process for customers. 



“With New Era Technology as a trusted partner for our implementation, we have been able to stabilize our architecture, optimize our AX warehouse module, and enhance our website capabilities to move from an extended implementation to growing our business.”

10x Improved System Performance
250% Increase in Units Shipped
75 Days Without Dynamics AX-related Outages

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