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DAM Solution Streamlines Business for Insurance Agency


A mid-market regional insurance company was dealing with an extensive collection of brand collateral, creative, and brand-approved imagery that needed to be distributed to multiple audiences such as employees, sales members, and a broad network of independent agents. Fundamentally, there was a lack of organization for these assets and their team members could not access what they needed promptly. This left people opting to recreate assets or search for ones to use that were not approved based on brand standards.  

Their existing bespoke solution was inflexible, poorly maintained, and unable to scale with the organization. The inflexibility of the platform led to “Band-Aid” solutions that had both working documents and final assets stored in disparate systems. They recognized the need to put this information into a single, more operational platform instead of having all of their data live in places like Sharepoint, Google Drive, etc.  

The solution they realized they needed was a DAM (digital asset manager). After exploring over a dozen top-tier DAM platforms on the market, and evaluating the many different features and price points, our client decided on Widen Collective. Without significant coding resources on staff, this platform that requires zero development work and lives entirely in the cloud was the perfect choice for the client.   

Based on their licensing with Widen Collective, they would be able to centralize the management of asset creation requests and the review/feedback process and enable templated cobranding of assets for use by sales and agent partners.  

With their platform selected, they needed a partner to take on the details of the transition. They reached out to Fusion to help operationalize the DAM platform configuration and rollout and to serve as interim product owners and project managers.  


In a highly collaborative partnership, we worked with the stakeholders to drive implementation and ensure the platform was set up in a way most conducive to their needs and business.

We worked with leaders across the organization to:  

  • Set deadlines and milestones 
  • Define critical criteria for the configuration of the DAM platform 
  • Coordinate efforts to gather and upload assets 
  • Create training and governance documentation to encourage adoption and define ongoing upkeep 
  • Partner with a Widen Implementation Specialist in initial site standup 
  • Collaborate with their IT department on implementation of Single Sign-On via Okta and Active Directory 

During the project execution, we:  

  • Defined six asset types across four key user roles 
  • Defined over one dozen metadata fields with more than 140 different values for asset categorization  
  • Uploaded and tagged over 1,600 unique documents  

As the team was planning out the dashboard design and rollout plan, new requirements caused a need for an immediate launch of the Widen DAM. We quickly pivoted the roadmap to launch the platform within seven business days, including finalizing the creative, essential training modules, and key launch communications. 


In less than 14 weeks total, we worked with the client to implement and optimize their DAM system, which is now adopted by over 20 contributors, 300 associates, and 700 independent agents. With over 1,600 unique documents uploaded and tagged across three key business lines, they now have a centralized location streamlined to find what they need, when they need it, and to control and optimize their content.  

We are continuing to partner with the new product owner at this client on a product roadmap and platform adoption. 

Version-controlled, Brand-approved Content
Defined User Roles and Access
FusionEra_Cloud Infrastructure
Secure Cloud-based Platform with Minimal IT Oversight

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