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Elevating User Experiences: Website Redesign Expands Reach for Drees Homes



Ready for a change, Drees Homes turned to Fusion for strategic, technical, and creative expertise to help take their website to the next level. We wanted to provide an optimal customer experience that highlighted Drees Homes and was optimized for maximum visibility in search engine results. To meet these objectives, we worked with the company to conduct customer and stakeholder interviews and launch online surveys to better understand the current pain points and needs.



Based on stakeholder and customer feedback, we created and implemented a roadmap for the website redesign.  

Improving Search Engine Optimization

In order to improve online visibility to attract more homebuyers to the website, we knew it was important to optimize the site for search engines. To do this, we implemented: 

  • SEO-friendly location pages. We built these into the navigation to only be accessible through the search function to prevent the site navigation from being overwhelming to visitors while still making it easy to find what they needed
  • Updating the website structure so that the marketing team could make updates and add new content as needed to keep their SEO strategy on track 
  • Improving and optimizing new and existing content 

Improving Customer Experience

While visibility was important, we also knew that we needed to provide an engaging, positive customer experience to keep new and existing customers on the site and more likely to contact Drees Homes to learn more. Also, nearly every step we took in the website redesign supports improved SEO while the steps we took to improve SEO also benefits the customer experience. More specifically, we implemented: 

  • A streamlined navigation to guide users through the custom homebuying process
  • Increased touchpoints to drive visitors to contact a Drees sales representative
  • More engaging design that incorporated the latest trends
  • Consistent messaging to maintain the same brand identity, voice, and value through each page
  • Home comparison tools

Improved Analytics

Being able to see trends in traffic or know what pages need increased visibility is essential for a marketing team to build a successful strategy and campaign. We implemented a measurement framework into the website so our client could measure site performance through Google Analytics to enable ongoing optimization and improvement.  


With its new content, features, and modern, mobile-friendly design, the Drees Homes website more effectively conveys the quality and service that the company is known for. Plus, their newfound visibility in search engines drives more traffic to their website. 

Additionally, Drees now has access to actionable analytics data. This data will allow them to better understand their customers and their buying journeys, and customize experiences that will tailor to their specific needs.

b-increase in-online-transaction
Improved Online Use Experience
Increased Sales Leads
New Mobile-friendly Design

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