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A Customer Journey Map Points the Way to Success



Altafiber wanted to provide a meaningful and satisfying experience for customers using the new application and partnered with New Era’s team of digital experts to make this happen. We knew that creating a customer journey map would be essential in assessing their current CX strategy and providing insight to better understand and improve end-to-end customer service 

Project Goal

Create a Customer Journey map

Before focusing on how Altafiber could better develop and deliver elements of their mobile application, we needed critical insight into their customers to better understand their actions, thoughts, and emotions.  

Our Solution
  • Analyzed collected data to determine the customer base
  • Created two specific persona profiles representing two separate customer segments
  • Developed a customer journey map that identified touchpoints and engagements with Altafiber 
Project Goal

Understand Current CX and Areas for Improvement

With a customer journey map and clarity into engagement opportunities between the customer and Altafiber, we could dig deeper into their current customer service strategy.

Our Solution
  • Performed a gap analysis to find strengths and weaknesses of the existing customer experience
  • Established specific areas in the journey where both personas experienced friction 
  • Provided a 360-degree view of the current customer experience


Having a customer journey map gave Altafiber insight into how they could improve their customers' experience, increase engagement, and minimize dissatisfaction.

2 Complete Customer Personas
360 Customer View
1 Successful Mobile Application Rollout

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