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Implementation of CPG100+ Provided Single Automated and Integration Solution for Leading Manufacturer


About Client

The client’s products are part of some of the key ingredients of nutritional supplements. Apart from carrying some products in the inventory, the client provides contract manufacturing services,spray-drying, milling, grinding, and juicing services.


The client, a leading farming and food manufacturing company, conducted business with manual process controls due to:
  • Insufficient IT security
  • Inadequate workflow and alerts
  • Limited cross-department information visibility

The client realized the need for a strong technology platform to streamline operations to replace the legacy and paper and spreadsheet-based processes that lead to steadily declining inefficiency and inaccuracy. In addition, the client wanted a transparent view of all operations data.

The client’s key requirement was an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that would help to automate and integrate all of the business processes across all functional areas, from farm operations to customer service, for enhanced integration and control.


New Era Technology, with its in-depth knowledge and experience of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, was selected as the client partner. Given the limited scale of the client’s operations in the United States and the client’s desire for a shorter implementation cycle with ready-to-deploy ERP solutions, New Era suggested a fast-track implementation with a four-month implementation cycle.

After a thorough review of the client’s existing landscape, New Era suggested the deployment of CPG100+, an SAP-certified and pre-configured Business All-in-One solution powered by SAP S/4HANA that is based on SAP Best Practices for the CPG industry. The out-of-box functionality of CPG100+ was an ideal fit for the growing business needs and would cover the existing business processes and the enterprise reporting requirements. CPG100+ would also minimize the number of customizations and enhancements that would be needed (because the solution is based on industry best practices), thus reducing the overall cost for the client.

Utilizing its proprietaryExcelSAPmethodology for rapid project execution, as well as a hybrid offshore/onshore delivery model for further cost reduction, New Era began the implementation which included the following modules:

  • Sales and Distrib
  •  Inventory
  • production
  • Supply Chain
  • Production Management
  • Financials

New Era Technology developed robust and complex interfaces catering to various process requirements and integrated comprehensive reporting, both standard and customized, for providing support to day-to-day business functions. Additionally, New Era deployedSAP Fiori for the client


  1. Increased efficiency of transaction processing with the addition of robust interfaces, which are flexible and scalable for all future rollouts
  2. Realized high data integrity, consistency and transparency with a smooth transition and complete integration of business functions
  3. Streamlined shop floor operations that led to decongestion of the factory, and increased warehouse space
  4. Decreased implementation time due to ready-to-deploy SAP Business AIO Solutions, Microexcel templates and accelerators, and Excel SAP methodology
  5. Decreased the Total Cost of Ownership with a single, unified SAP ERP system
  6. Refined master data by improving data quality, reducing data reconciliation and enabling cost savings
  7. Comprehensive planning and production execution of operations, integrated with order processing, procurement, and financial accounting increased visibility for management

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