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CoOp Saves $100,000 with a Closer Look at Licensing


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a critical tool many businesses rely on to manage day-to-day operations. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a popular ERP as it integrates information into a single database to improve access throughout the company and offers industry- and company-specific customizations to the interface, data, and applications. When implemented properly, organizations will often see reduced costs and increased customizations. 

This leading oil cooperative implemented Dynamics AX to create an environment where both employees and customers could operate within an enterprise application. Soon after the software was launched, the organization determined that they weren't seeing the return on investment (ROI) they expected. They wanted to reap the full benefits of their investment and knew they needed a partner with expertise in Dynamics AX implementation and customization, so they turned to Fusion for guidance. 


Goal: Assess the Existing Implementation

The first step to helping our client maximize their ERP software was to perform a comprehensive assessment of the existing installation, configuration, and customization of the existing implementation. 

Our solution:

  • Collected usage information 
  • Reviewed customizations
  • Interviewed key staff members to determine how they utilize Dynamics AX
  • Created an outline of prioritized next steps

Goal: Create a Detailed Licensing Plan

Our assessment showed that their existing licensing was set up to give many system users higher and more comprehensive levels of licensing than they needed for their roles. For example, an employee that only needed role-based access for a specific function was assigned a full enterprise license. Multiply this by dozens of employees, and this added up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending.  

Our solution:

  • Created a detailed license matrix to maximize the distribution of enterprise, functional, task, and self-service licenses
  • Provided a custom code review and roles-analysis document

After reviewing Fusion’s assessment and matrix, our client had the information they needed to optimize Dynamics AX. By understanding the licensing and completing the recommended actions, our client could renew their licensing agreement with Microsoft at a much lower cost, saving them around $100,000.  


Because of the highly customizable nature of Dynamics AX, companies need to understand what their options are within the platform to maximize their ROI and business processes. By bringing in Fusion, this company was able to look at their implementation, applications, and usage more objectively and make changes that ultimately benefited their bottom line significantly.  

$100,000 Savings on Licensing Costs
Maximized Usability for Employees and Customers
Improved Understanding of Current Usage Patterns and Needs

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