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Central Document Storage Repository with SharePoint Portals and O365


About the Client

The Client is a leading publisher of academic documents, books, journals, and research papers. It has offices in the US, England, and China. Founded in 1905, the client has close connections with an Ivy League university famed for providing a platform for bringing scholarly ideas to the world stage.

Business Challenges

The client publishes a range of manuals, books, research papers, and documents spanning multiple disciplines from its global locations. It uses Fileshare to store and access them locally. The numerous storage locations led to challenges in easy accessibility and organized document management. 

To make these documents globally available, the Rights department of the Client required a central online storage repository to facilitate easy storage, management, and access for all its internal and external stakeholders.  

New Era Technology conducted an initial assessment and roadmap strategy and proposed a solution that would store all documents in the cloud and have a central repository to access them. The solution would be implemented using SharePoint, as the client was already using the Microsoft Office 365 platform. 

Solution Approach

New Era, with its vast expertise in custom application development in Microsoft technologies, implemented the roadmap solution to develop an online repository of the content using SharePoint.

New Era approached the solution in a structured step-by-step manner.

Step 1: The initial step involved the creation of separate portals for active and archived data with a well-defined data structure that aligned with the Client’s document retention policies.

Step 2: The next step involved creating group-based access privileges to public and private documents. A well-defined taxonomy structure for information architecture was created for document naming conventions across all the global locations of the Rights 

Step 3: The third step involved the actual migration of the files and data from Fileshare to the online portals using Sharegate. Necessary cutover guidelines were implemented to ensure data consistency, and once the migration of over 4 TB of data was completed, the Fileshare storage functionality was locked.

Additionally, new documents were prompted to be stored in SharePoint in a pre-defined format 
to streamline data as per the Client’s specifications.

Security guidelines were implemented for critical data by enabling a data retention timeline, which would alert the user for updating the information or have it get automatically erased.


The client had unified portals allowing global access for both its archived and active data, along with streamlined access, security provisions, and data governance. The dependency on physical servers was done away with, saving time and resources to manage them. The success of the solution prompted the client to once again engage with New Era  to implement a similar exercise across all of its departments

• Ease of usage for all the stakeholders from the unified SharePoint portals, when compared to using Fileshare
• Savings in time with faster data access from the Cloud-based storage model
• Secure storage was leveraged with the vast range of security features that the Office 365 cloud offers.
• Data integrity and consistencywere achieved with a well-defined data structure as a base for the solution.
• Ad hoc support and Training sessions were conducted to help users adapt to the SharePoint environment and for the migration process so that they can conduct the exercise with their in-house 
• Data Security was implemented with group-based access privileges to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access

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