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SAP Ariba

Welcome to the World’s Largest Digital Marketplace

One of the most critical aspects of digital transformation for businesses is optimizing their procurement and supply chain operations while diversifying into new avenues to connect with Business Partners. Conventional and disparate systems often fail to deliver the expected benefits for the fast-paced market dynamics. Such instances necessitate an integrated suite to manage the entire product lifecycle and explore new customer touchpoints. SAP Ariba is a cloud-based solution that resolves these challenges by providing a unified portal with end-to-end solutions for spend management, procurement, and supply chain operations.

One of the key features of SAP Ariba is the Ariba Network, the world’s largest digital marketplace, bringing together suppliers and customers. If you want to expand your market presence globally, Ariba is the right choice for your business.

New Era Technology, an SAP Solution Partner, offers custom SAP Ariba implementation solutions that leverage the full potential of the Ariba suite. Our vast experience in providing custom SAP Solutions across various verticals gives us the required expertise in implementing SAP Solutions that align with your business objectives-both for current sustenance and future growth.

Suppliers get a unified solution for the entire Order-to-Cash lifecycle with Ariba. Buyers benefit from the optimized Source-to-Settle process. SAP Ariba includes the below constituent modules.

Sourcing | Discovery | Buying and Invoicing

Contract Management | Spend Analysis

Supplier Risk Management | Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

New Era’s SAP Ariba Solutions

Strategy and Assessment

Our SAP Ariba implementation services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current technology landscape and your specific requirements. We then strategize a roadmap that factors in the strategic business goals and aligns them with the subsequent Implementation stage.


Backed by our vast expertise in SAP Ariba, we use industry-recognized best practices for a seamless implementation that aligns with your business model. This stage also includes the solution configuration for your specific requirements and any integration essential for your operations. The phase also involves remodeling and optimizing your existing processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

Change Management

New Era understands that Change Management is essential for driving optimal user adoption. Our Change Management solutions are designed with a keen focus on both macro and micro level aspects of the new technology implementation. We use modern training processes such as Virtual Training guides, which guide users on the sequence of steps for executing a process in the suite.

Support Services

New Era’s support services for your SAP Ariba implementation come in flexible onsite, offshore, and hybrid models. Our services include feature enhancement, custom configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting, and integration with third-party applications.

Benefits of SAP Ariba


Unified Product Lifecycle Management

Gain from a unified suite with integrated modules that cover every aspect of B2B transactions both for suppliers and customers.



Secure and scalable solutions that are faster, more efficient, and flexible when compared to on-prem deployments.


Ariba Network

Virtually expand your presence across the globe with the Ariba network and use automated processes that enable better procurement and supply chain operations.


Process Optimization

Optimize legacy and disparate processes with process automation that displaces manual and repetitive tasks.


Cost Savings

Get a better advantage in negotiating with prospects with intelligent inputs that maximize your sales and profits.


Reporting and Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytic capabilities using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and predictive analytics help you make intelligent decisions based on trends and patterns.

Ready To Talk?

If you want to explore more on how SAP Ariba can make a difference in your business operations, contact us, our experts will be glad to help.